Seville, Spain – Off the Beaten Path Travel Guide

Plaza San Salvador Seville Spain

If you really want to dive into some local spots and walk the streets of Seville like a true sevillano, make sure to check out this inside scoop on the best places to chill out, relax, and experience the authentic vibes of Seville off the beaten path.

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The Local Shopping Guide for Seville, Spain

Shopping in Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain is home to a variety of shopping destinations where you can find local products and traditional Spanish products like olive oil, ceramics, Spanish fans, homemade jewelry, local food products and more. There are also quite the handful of shops where you can find beautiful art pieces, books, and speciality products. Let me show…

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Top 7 Must-See Attractions in Seville, Spain

Real Alcázar in Seville Spain Must-See Attraction

Seville is located in the heart of Andalusia, in southern Spain and is home to a breathtaking, vibrant culture and history. From traditional flamenco music playing on the streets to the bright and welcoming local Sevillianos, Seville just sparkles. According to traditional legend, Seville was founded by Roman divine hero Hercules, and it’s home many…

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Why You Should Keep a Study Abroad Blog

Why Keep a Study Abroad Blog

One of the best decisions I made when I studied abroad in Spain was to keep a study abroad blog. I decided to make a simple blog, where I wrote day-in-the-life posts and journal entries from my journey through Europe. I posted photos so my family and friends could see visuals from my trip, as well as some…

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Social Media Best Practices for Study Abroad

How to Use Social Media When Studying Abroad

Going abroad? It’s time to get social. But maybe in a way you’ve never done before. When I studied abroad in Spain, I brought along my new friend, my new iPhone 5s I received for Christmas just three weeks before my trip. This was my first time with a smartphone, and while it came in…

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