43 Blogging Tools All Bloggers Should Have

Blogging Tools Workspace

You know how new workout clothes gets you in the mood to workout more? I think the same thing happens when I stumble upon new blogging tools. Is that just me? I was excited to join a group of ladies for a Tuesday Together meetup, as part of the Rising Tide Society. It was all…

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How I Save 11 Hours Every Month & Organize my Business for FREE

How I Organize my Business for Free with AND CO

Proposals, contracts, invoices, time sheets…it all made my head hurt when I starting getting my first business clients. Perhaps my fellow creative professionals would agree with me—thinking about paperwork and processes is something we want to bury in the closet part of our brain. There was always a voice in my head wondering if I…

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The #1 Reason We Don’t Practice Self-Care

The #1 Reason We Don't Practice Self-Care

Why do we do such a bad job of taking care of ourselves?  I asked this question to my mom last week when we were sitting on our back deck on night too hot for October. She instantly said: “Because we think we’re fine.” 

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