Your Ultimate Guide to Your Best Travel Journal

The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Travel Journal - Travel Journal Prompts & More

Your travels are special. Your travel journal should be too. It will hold the physical trinkets of your travels — and the photos on your camera cannot compare to the note your host family gave you or the small painting you bought on the streets of the oldest market in the city. Give some thought to…

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How to Make a Travel Journal That Always Inspires You

How to Make a Travel Journal That Inspires You

Let’s empty our backpacks after a week of traveling to new places. If you’re like me, you would find lots of receipts, informational brochures, business cards from coffee shops I loved, my crumbled boarding passes and lots of ticket stubs. If you look at my camera, you’ll find thousands of photos capturing the ins and outs of different…

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An Inside Look Into My Travel Journal (Part 2 – Europe)

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about living in another country? Or do you ever think back to times when you traveled to fun and exciting places, wishing to return? Those are the kinds of thoughts that go through my mind as I put together my photos in my travel journal. I love flipping through…

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11 Things to Include in Your Travel Journal

Travel Diary Supplies: Postcards, Tickets, Photos

As we take adventures and see new places, it is always fun to document our journeys. One of my favorite ways to document travel is through travel journals. I love collecting different items to put together a diary of my experiences. There are a variety of things you can include in travel journals–from photos to…

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