Little Known Tools to Design a Dazzling Blog

6 Tools for Blog Design | Design a Dazzling Blog

Do you like to tweak your blog design and dabble into some code? Are you a blogger looking for some secret web tricks to help you understand how your blog design comes all together? These tricks and tools are for you–some fun tips that you can try when you find inspiring website designs or want to build your…

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6 Secrets to Easy & Awesome Blog Graphics

One of my favorite parts of my blogging process is making branded graphics. Creating original blog graphics is a two-part process for me, which requires photography and design. While I have worked to standardize my graphics for my blog posts, I do enjoy this creative process and coming up with layout templates and photo ideas—two very…

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Blogger to WordPress: Customizing Your Design

How to Design Your Blog - Switching from Blogger to WordPress

To continue my series about moving from Blogger to WordPress, I want to share the ways I learned how to customize the design of my WordPress site. Designing for Blogger and designing for WordPress are two different things, and although I had basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, which helped me massively for customizing Blogger…

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