Why & How to Update Your Website Design in 17 Steps

How & Why to Update Your Website Design

Are you ready for a new website design? I just gave my website design a major facelift, and I am excited to share with you my process and the reasons behind the redesign. First off, it is important to realize that there are many reasons to redesign your website—and many reasons not to. Why You Should Update…

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43 Blogging Tools All Bloggers Should Have

Blogging Tools Workspace

You know how new workout clothes gets you in the mood to workout more? I think the same thing happens when I stumble upon new blogging tools. Is that just me? I was excited to join a group of ladies for a Tuesday Together meetup, as part of the Rising Tide Society. It was all…

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11 Cheap Tools I Use to Run My Business & Blog

As an Executive Director of a nonprofit and a blogger, I use a variety of systems to manage my business and blog. Because I like to be money conscious in both of these environments, finding free or cheap business tools is very important to me, and I’m sure to many of you as well! While…

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8 Ways InDesign Can Enhance Your Blog (Free Templates)

10 Free InDesign Templates for Bloggers

There are many tools bloggers can use to achieve quality visuals for their brands—I’ve talked about Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PicMonkey and several other tools in the past. Today, I want to share why InDesign has transformed my blogging process—and the many things you can do with this tool. Plus, I will be sharing 10…

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Why You Need a Brand as a Blogger (Plus How to Create One!)

Why You Need a Brand as a Blogger

Hi friends! I’m excited to invite Polina from The Loom Creative to the blog today to share more about building a brand as a blogger and tips on how you can do so! If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’re probably familiar with the idea of branding your blog. Yes, branding is no longer…

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