Why & How to Update Your Website Design in 17 Steps

How & Why to Update Your Website Design

Are you ready for a new website design? I just gave my website design a major facelift, and I am excited to share with you my process and the reasons behind the redesign. First off, it is important to realize that there are many reasons to redesign your website—and many reasons not to. Why You Should Update…

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How I Save 11 Hours Every Month & Organize my Business for FREE

How I Organize my Business for Free with AND CO

Proposals, contracts, invoices, time sheets…it all made my head hurt when I starting getting my first business clients. Perhaps my fellow creative professionals would agree with me—thinking about paperwork and processes is something we want to bury in the closet part of our brain. There was always a voice in my head wondering if I…

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11 Cheap Tools I Use to Run My Business & Blog

As an Executive Director of a nonprofit and a blogger, I use a variety of systems to manage my business and blog. Because I like to be money conscious in both of these environments, finding free or cheap business tools is very important to me, and I’m sure to many of you as well! While…

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How to Maximize Creativity for Your Blog, Business or Side Hustle

How to Maximize Your Creativity for Your Blog, Business or Side Hustle

For almost a full year, I was going through a phase of creative block. While you can argue that there is no such thing (and I do believe we can always work towards being creative at any point in time), I was experiencing a lack of inspiration, motivation and excitement for creative projects in general.…

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How to Run a Successful Nonprofit in Your 20s

How to Run a Nonprofit in Your 20s

One thing I didn’t expect in my life? Running a nonprofit in my early 20s. After I graduated college, I was offered a job as the first employee of a nonprofit, Developmental Connections, created by a dear friend and mom to a child with autism. Before becoming the first official employee, the organization was primarily…

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