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Puerto Rico Adventures - El Yunque Rainforest

3-Day Puerto Rico Itinerary with AirBnB (On a Budget)

By Gina | July 25, 2017

In September, my friend Juliana and I booked a spontaneous (at least for me) trip to Puerto Rico for my birthday. We booked tickets a month beforehand and began planning a 3-day Puerto Rico itinerary (four days including travel days) to the island. Some of the reasons we picked Puerto Rico include the cheap flight rates,…

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Creative Digital Design Services

What’s New Around Here! (A Relaunch!)

By Gina | July 20, 2017

Why, hello! It’s been months – probably over a year – since I’ve written a blog post. Long time no chat! How is each one of you doing? I am happy to announce that I’m back and really excited for the next chapter of my online space. If you are new here, welcome! I’m new…

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Why You Need a Brand as a Blogger

Why You Need a Brand as a Blogger (Plus How to Create One!)

By Gina | July 25, 2016

Hi friends! I’m excited to invite Polina from The Loom Creative to the blog today to share more about building a brand as a blogger and tips on how you can do so! If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’re probably familiar with the idea of branding your blog. Yes, branding is no longer…

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How to Spark Creative Blog Post Ideas

9 Ways to Spark Creative Blog Post Ideas

By Gina | April 25, 2016

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the perfect moment. But sometimes we have to be proactive when we come up with content for our blogs and social media. Because of my busy schedule working full-time, I’ve been in and out of blogging these past few months. Biggest apologies, dear blog readers! As I sink back into a…

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Vegan for 1 Year: How My Life Has Changed

By Gina | March 30, 2016

It has officially been one year since I started eating vegan. In March 2015, I decided to cut out all the dairy from my food for five days. A vacation to Hilton Head interrupted my first week of going vegan, but from there, I pursued the vegan journey. If you are interested in seeing how I…

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How to Enhance Your Creative Rhythm

How to Infuse Creativity into the Rhythm of Your Life

By Gina | March 28, 2016

One thing we always like to hold on to is our schedules. If you live in the Western world, your day-to-day life is influenced by productivity, calendars, deadlines, and time. We like to watch “morning routine” videos or “night routine” videos to see how other people schedule their day. We like to build outlines for…

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10 Free InDesign Templates for Bloggers

What is a Brand Board & How to Maintain Design Consistency (Free Template!)

By Gina | February 29, 2016

As bloggers and business owners, we breathe life into our brands all day, every day. A brand is much more than the logo, the engaging Instagram posts or our brand colors. A brand is our vision, our purpose and our visuals all combined together. Our brands our sources of emotions—they create meaning for the individuals we…

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9 Creative Ways to Relax & Regain Energy

9 Creative Ways to Relax & Regain Energy

By Gina | February 16, 2016

Have you ever felt at a loss for ways to relax, quiet your mind and regain energy from a hard work week, emotional time in life or a time of busyness? It’s time to take control over our lives and our schedules. Let’s put in some creativity and find ways that truly make us relax…

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6 Tools for Blog Design | Design a Dazzling Blog

Little Known Tools to Design a Dazzling Blog

By Gina | February 3, 2016

Do you like to tweak your blog design and dabble into some code? Are you a blogger looking for some secret web tricks to help you understand how your blog design comes all together? These tricks and tools are for you–some fun tips that you can try when you find inspiring website designs or want to build your…

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What I Learned in January

What I Learned in January

By Gina | January 31, 2016

Hello friends! Is anyone else amazed how January flew by? It’s been a crazy month over here, from 3-foot snowstorms to traveling to launching our programs at work. This month, I had a great time hosting the #BeBold2016 linkup, where we focused on building our goals for the year. It was a great outlet to…

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