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Using Creativity to Improve Mental Health

Using Creativity the Right Way to Improve Mental Health

By Gina | August 3, 2018

Thinking about thoughts. That’s what we’re doing today. The average person has 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of them are exactly the same, day in and day out, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Creativity is so closely linked to our mental health, if we realize it or not. A lot of us wouldn’t describe…

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How & Why to Update Your Website Design

Why & How to Update Your Website Design in 17 Steps

By Gina | August 2, 2018

Are you ready for a new website design? I just gave my website design a major facelift, and I am excited to share with you my process and the reasons behind the redesign. First off, it is important to realize that there are many reasons to redesign your website—and many reasons not to. Why You Should Update…

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Blogging Tools Workspace

43 Blogging Tools All Bloggers Should Have

By Gina | August 1, 2018

You know how new workout clothes gets you in the mood to workout more? I think the same thing happens when I stumble upon new blogging tools. Is that just me? I was excited to join a group of ladies for a Tuesday Together meetup, as part of the Rising Tide Society. It was all…

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Tips for First-Time Solo Travelers

13 Tips for First-Time Solo Travelers

By Gina | July 3, 2018

I planned my first solo trip to California a few months ago, excited to explore the other side of the U.S. At first, I was nervous to go alone for the majority of the trip (nearly a week by myself). I was reading through blog posts about first-time solo travel and specifically, solo travel in…

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10 Inspiring Quotes to Spark Your Creativity

By Gina | May 22, 2018

Hey, you there. You’re infinitely creative, did you know that? I hope you can be encouraged today in your creativity. Many authors have played a role in how I view creativity and how I view myself. These nine creativity quotes have helped shaped what creativity means to me. When reading quotes like these, I always…

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How to Take a Solo Trip to California

How to Take a Solo Trip to California for 10+ Days

By Gina | May 21, 2018

So you have time off and want to go to California – and no one wants to tag along with you? That’s what happened to me. California had been on the top of my travel list for awhile. I had never been to the West Coast and the furthest west I had been was New…

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How I Organize my Business for Free with AND CO

How I Save 11 Hours Every Month & Organize my Business for FREE

By Gina | May 8, 2018

Proposals, contracts, invoices, time sheets…it all made my head hurt when I starting getting my first business clients. Perhaps my fellow creative professionals would agree with me—thinking about paperwork and processes is something we want to bury in the closet part of our brain. There was always a voice in my head wondering if I…

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The Ultimate Guide to Your Best Travel Journal - Travel Journal Prompts & More

Your Ultimate Guide to Your Best Travel Journal

By Gina | November 28, 2017

Your travels are special. Your travel journal should be too. It will hold the physical trinkets of your travels — and the photos on your camera cannot compare to the note your host family gave you or the small painting you bought on the streets of the oldest market in the city. Give some thought to…

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11 Cheap Tools I Use to Run My Business & Blog

By Gina | November 6, 2017

As an Executive Director of a nonprofit and a blogger, I use a variety of systems to manage my business and blog. Because I like to be money conscious in both of these environments, finding free or cheap business tools is very important to me, and I’m sure to many of you as well! While…

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The #1 Reason We Don't Practice Self-Care

The #1 Reason We Don’t Practice Self-Care

By Gina | October 12, 2017

Why do we do such a bad job of taking care of ourselves?  I asked this question to my mom last week when we were sitting on our back deck on night too hot for October. She instantly said: “Because we think we’re fine.” 

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