How I am Simplifying My Life

Sometimes we can turn simple living into something that is not so simple. Does anyone else feel that way? Simple living should work for us, not the other way around. So in my efforts to make my life a little less rushed, a little less forced and a little less cluttered, I started making some easy changes to help my days go smoother — and help me feel grounded.

How I am Simplifying My Life

1. I am not wearing makeup anymore.

For the past several years, I haven’t been wearing that much makeup—only eyeliner and mascara, no face makeup. But now, I am feeling like I don’t have to wear it all the time, if ever. I’m liking the natural look, how it is easier to manage and the two minutes it saves me in the morning everyday.

2. I have less email accounts linked to my phone.

How many email accounts do you check on the daily? My number is close to 10. But how many accounts should I check everyday? Probably about 2-3. I unlinked the rest of my accounts from my phone, leaving only my main work email and my main personal email. I also turned off notifications when I receive email. I’ve always done this, and I’m not turning back.

3. I started using Google Photos.

Google Photos is game changing. It lets you connect your computer and your phone to your gmail account, which backs up all of your photos. You can automate backups, and Google Photos makes sorting through your photos easier. Plus, it’s great knowing that you have second copies of your photos online. The most important reason it helps me? It allows me to delete photos on my phone to save space!

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4. I’m simplifying my breakfast routine.

I like to read or write during my breakfast, with no electronics. This helps me center my day by putting my laptop away and my phone on my bed. I open up my Bible or the book I’m reading to focus on some truths or lessons for the day.

5. I started waking up earlier and paying attention to my sleep schedule.

This means listening to my body when it needs rest. Waking up earlier also lets me feel productive, energized and ready for the day ahead. It always leaves you with a good feeling, plus it’s great for reducing stress in the morning. I don’t feel rushed.

6. I am writing things down.

In a habit to organize all the notebooks and paper products I own, I am now assigning notebooks for different aspects of my life. I have a notebook now for my blog, for work, for personal to-do’s and more. Writing things down makes my thoughts and to-do’s feel real and helps me remember my thought processes.

7. I’m paying attention to the activities I’m passionate about.

We cannot neglect the hobbies and people that bring out the best of ourselves. We need to nurture our gifts and our hearts. This means, I’ve been putting more time and intentionality into writing, reading, creating, meeting new people, going new places and listening to others’ stories. When we nurture our relationships and our spirit by focusing on what passions God has given us and what He is passionate about, we can be more ourselves than ever.

How I am Simplifying My Life

These simple changes seem like they are small details in my day — but they have been more powerful than I thought. Most of these things take two minutes to do, but they allow me to rest my mind and focus on the here and now. We don’t make our best decisions under pressure and within the complex busyness of our thoughts. We make our best decisions when we rest. When we realize the simple fact that we are created in an unique way for a unique purpose.

I am simplifying my life so I can better focus my perspective. Simple living shouldn’t be complicated. Make a change one step at a time.

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