4-Day Seville Itinerary with AirBnB to Truly Experience Spain

I will argue that Seville is the top place to visit in Spain. Although, I’m biased because I lived there for four months, it still is a magnificent city that is full of traditional, vibrant culture. A four-day escape to this city is a great way to experience Spain, more so than Madrid or Barcelona. I have a four-day Seville itinerary for you that allows you to take your time, wander the streets and visit the must-sees of the city.

Why Travel to Seville?

  • Sevilla is the capital of Andalusia in Southern Spain. It is relatively cheaper than other major cities, yet it still offers the same Spanish city flair.
  • You can experience a more traditional Spanish culture.
  • The attractions and flair of the city will inspire you (just you wait – read below).
  • The weather is amazing! (And that may be my favorite part!)

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

Where to Stay — An AirBnB just outside of the city center!

We stayed in a nice two-bedroom AirBnB about a 20 minute walk to the historic center of Seville. We were also about a 10-minute walk to other attractions in the city too. This was the perfect AirBnB location as it was on a quiet street, but within short walking distance to main streets with lots of shops, cafés and bars. The closest main street was Avenida de Méndez Pelayo, which had side streets that led to the center of the city. While we were not used to European kitchens, we were really happy with the AirBnB and all went smoothly!

Your Seville Itinerary for Seeing the Best Parts of the City

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

Day 1: Arrive, Plaza de España & Tapas

We arrived to our AirBnB around 11:00a.m. in Seville for the first day. We talked to our host, who showed us the apartment and then settled into the rooms. I was exhausted after being up forever, so I took a nap. We then went to a grocery store — Supermercados Mas — and got snacks for the week.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

Our first stop for the evening after relaxing was Plaza de España. The plaza, built in 1929, is an iconic piece of architecture in Sevilla. Spend time by the fountain and circling the plaza, watching the boats go by. There are many beautiful places to sit, especially in the alcoves, where each of the regions are represented. You will see intricate ceramics that really bring the plaza to life.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

Parque María Luisa is directly next to Plaza de España. This is my favorite spot in the entire city. In the park, there are flowers, gigantic trees, fountains, little ponds, ducks, swans, tiled benches—all beautiful, peaceful and I just wanted to lay there all day, reading, napping, or people watching.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

After the plaza and park, walk towards the Universidad de Sevilla, which used to be an old tobacco factory. Grab a before-dinner snack at one of the restaurants on Calle San Fernando. Also notice Hotel Alfonso VIII, the most luxurious hotel in the city. After eating, explore the tourist area and walk along Avenida de la Constitución, passing by the Cathedral of Sevilla. Then, on your way back to your AirBnB, wander the streets of Santa Cruz, the Jewish quarter.

Refresh and have tapas at El Pasaje – a unique tapas bar, with high-quality food. They even brought us free shots after our round of tapas!

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

Day 2: La Catedral de Sevilla, La Giralda & Las Setas

Sleep in, today. Get ready for visiting some of the highlights of the city.

Start with the Seville Cathedral, a must-see. While the line may be long depending on the time of year, I recommend exploring the cathedral on your own, because there is lots to see. La Catedral de Sevilla is the third largest cathedral in the world and the largest Gothic cathedral. Christopher Columbus and his son are also buried here. There is so much history to absorb, so take your time, visiting all of the rooms and exhibits.

After exploring the first level of the Cathedral, walk up the ramps to the top of La Giralda – the largest tower in the city, which an amazing view. You can get an up-close look of the cathedral and the surrounding streets. La Giralda was part of the mosque that stood on the site during Muslim rule of the city.

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Now it’s time for lunch. We went to Slice of NY Pizza, which was right across from the cathedral. Despite its name not being so Spanish, it was wonderful pizza. The servers were very accommodating to my vegan preferences, and we had a great time talking to them. Super nice people.

After lunch, take a siesta! It’s highly recommended and a great way to really get yourself adapted to the Spanish way of life. Plus, you have lots of time to still explore the city.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

In the evening, visit Las Setas for sunset. Metropol Parasol aka “The Mushrooms” is a large wooden structure (actually the largest in the world) that looks like mushrooms. You can climb to the top to get an interesting view of Sevilla. With your ticket, you also get a free drink at the time. Sunset is the best time to explore Las Setas!

For dinner, stop at Restaurante El Cordobés on Calle Puerta de la Carne. They have great croquetas and a good outside environment.

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Day 3: La Real Alcázar, La Plaza de España (again) & More Tapas!

Get up EARLY when you visit Real Alcázar, the number one rated attraction in Sevilla. This is the oldest still-in-use royal palace in Europe, and it is a classic example of mudéjar architecture — a blending of Christian and Muslim architecture styles. In the palace, you can find a Roman aqueduct remains; rooms of various architecture styles, artwork and tapestries; as well as extensive gardens. Parts of Game of Thrones was also filmed in the gardens here.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

A minimum of two hours should be spent here at the Alcázar.

After the royal palace, we ate lunch at Gago 6, which had wonderful veggie paella and an array of interesting tapas. No restaurant is the same in Sevilla, so it’s always a unique, authentic experience.

We took a siesta again, and I went to a smoothie shop, Jester, and walked around Plaza de España again and the park. I can’t get enough of it.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

We then bar hopped and got a variety of tapas that night. We went to Habanita, a vegan-friendly restaurant near the Alfalfa plaza. Afterwards, we went to my favorite tapas bar, Café Levies, which must be visited! With great prices, you can get delicious tapas.

Day 4: Boat Cruise, Graffiti Tour, La Alameda & Flamenco Show

The river Guadalquiver is a relaxing part of Sevilla. Along the river edge, you will see many people enjoying the sunshine, hanging out, playing music, or doing art. Taking a boat cruise (we booked through Pancho Tours) along the river allows you to see more of the city in a tranquil way. From Calle Betis and the 1929 exhibition buildings, the embassies and more, experience other parts of Sevilla.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

After the cruise, walk along the river towards the Triana bridge. When you reach Plaza de Armas and the bus station, there is graffiti artwork behind the bus station, facing the river. Some, created by Niño de la Pinturas, show the culture of Sevilla expressed through the graffiti art.

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If you continue walking, you will head towards the Alameda de Hercules neighborhood. This has become a trendy/alternative area, with a large patio of trees in the center. There are many restaurants and interesting parts to explore here.

Walk back through the center of the city to Calle Sierpes and Calle Cuna, the two best shopping streets in the city. Even if you do not have time to shop, it’s always fun to window shop these areas!

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

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We had an early dinner that night at Casa Tomate, which had a lot of guitar pictures and decor. This matched the theme for the evening — flamenco. We went to Casa de la Guitarra, which had a very nice host and an incredible show. We booked tickets in advance for front-row seating. If you haven’t seen a flamenco show, it is a passionate, strong, and artful performance with guitar, singing and dancing. It’s a traditional art form that originates in Spain, an experience to enjoy and a great way to end your stay in Sevilla.

Seville, Spain Travel Itinerary with AirBnb

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