How to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnB

Marbella, Spain is a lovely town on the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain. About 45 minutes away from Málaga, it is worth a day trip or a weekend stay. I stayed for three nights in an AirBnb in Marbella, and it was a wonderful and relaxing choice. If you are looking for a beach stay with a touch of Spanish charm and beautiful historic centers, Marbella is your next spot on your travel map.

How to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnB

Where to Stay – A 3-Bedroom Apartment with Sea Views from Every Window

My family and I were so incredibly glad that we chose Brigette’s place through AirBnB in Marbella. It was a gem, with sea views from every window, three bedrooms, a large living area and great location. It was a great place to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean coast. Brigitte was super helpful in giving us tips for traveling from Ronda to Marbella by car, and the doorman at the building complex gave us a deal on parking underneath the apartments. It was a great decision to stay here.

We were excited to visit the cobblestone streets of the old coastal city, take in the background between the mountains and the beach, and lay in the sun on the sand. With the sea air, it was a great Spanish getaway.

How to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnB How to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnB How to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnBHow to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnB

What to Do

  • Relax on the beach and take a stroll along Avenida del Mar.
  • Explore the old quarter of Marbella and wander the small streets. Stop in all the small shops to see the variety of products they offer.
  • Sit and enjoy Plaza de los Naranjos in the the middle of historic Marbella.
  • Walk around Alameda Park.
  • Explore the shops along the boardwalk on Paseo Maritimo.
  • On Sundays, visit an artisan market by the docks.

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How to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnB

What to Eat

We had many great dinners in Marbella. Some of the restaurants I recommend are:

  • The Gourmet Burger Room — This place is AMAZING. It has one of my favorite burgers in the world, if not my number one favorite. The manager there is super nice and the service was wonderful. They even went over the top and provided me with some special vegan sides.
  • The Green Bar — This is also a very vegan-friendly place. I had a great vegan brownie there.
  • Aragona Cusina Italiana — A high-quality Italian restaurant that my whole family enjoyed!

Why Marbella is Marvelous

Marbella is such a quaint and charming town that requires a stay during your Costa del Sol adventure. While known for being a hotspot for the rich and famous, Marbella is mostly middle class in case the “rich and famous” reputation of Marbella throws you off.

Old town is vibrant, the architecture is homey and unique, and the foods I ate in Marbella were a delectable surprise.

Marbella fascinated me and I hope it does for you to.

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How to Experience Marbella, Spain with AirBnB - What to Do, Where to Go, What to Eat

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