What’s New Around Here! (A Relaunch!)

Why, hello! It’s been months – probably over a year – since I’ve written a blog post. Long time no chat! How is each one of you doing?

I am happy to announce that I’m back and really excited for the next chapter of my online space. If you are new here, welcome! I’m new here too. Also, if you’re new here, you came at the perfect time. If you want to know some of the backstory of my blog, this is for you. I’ve been working on this relaunch for a couple months, and I can’t wait to show you around. Here’s the what, the why and the welcome:
Gina Alyse Website Launch

Why did I relaunch my website?

After I graduated college, I began to adapt to a new life of working 9-5, meeting new friends, making different lifestyle choices and, ultimately, learning a lot about myself. With any change in life, this affected my creativity a lot. As a blogger who writes about creativity, this affected my blog space in more ways than one. During this time, I developed different interests to write about. A lot of my popular posts on this blog relate to college life, and I no longer feel very attached to college anymore. My entire brand throughout the years has stayed focused on our creative callings in life and seeing them in different outlets – traveling, everyday life, health, creative projects, etc. I wanted to reignite this passion of mine and cater my writing to this focus even more. It gives me room to experiment with different topics and let’s me write about things important to me and the community.

So, welcome – and I’m so glad you’re here!

Gina Alyse Logo

What has changed?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s the rundown –

  • The first one is obvious – I have a brand new look (pun intended). New logo. New colors. New layout. New design. New homepage. New other fun pages. :)
  • I added a resources page that I hope to continually update for creatives, bloggers and travelers. Check it out – it has all the tools I use for my blog, design work, creative strategy, writing, plus some inspiring books and resources.
  • I have updated my blog categories to provide better organization.
  • Travel guides! I have a whole page dedicated to my travel guide posts! Spoiler alert: more travel guides are coming soon.
  • I have added a services page with some various design services I provide. Yay!

What’s coming up?

I’m pumped to introduce you to my new blog. I have several posts coming soon. Think: website design, mental health, and lots of travel posts. Can you tell I’m excited? Feel free to sip on a smoothie or your refreshing drink of choice and stay for awhile!

Welcome to the new blog!