9 Creative Ways to Relax & Regain Energy

Have you ever felt at a loss for ways to relax, quiet your mind and regain energy from a hard work week, emotional time in life or a time of busyness? It’s time to take control over our lives and our schedules. Let’s put in some creativity and find ways that truly make us relax and recharge to be our best selves.

Emily Freeman once said that she wished her life was more like a lyric, less like a list. This is how we are going to make our life more lyrical—by practicing creative relaxation, going with the flow and becoming energized in the life we live. If you want more ways to practice self-care this month, I hope these tips inspire you.

9 Ways to Relax, Refocus & Regain Energy

9 Ways to Relax & Regain Energy

1. Get lost in coloring pages.

Coloring is good for the soul. In fact, research showed that coloring can result in lower anxiety levels and lower stress. Adult coloring books are not just a trend nowadays, they can be good for promoting mindfulness and focus. If you want to make your five year-old self happy, pick up a fancy coloring book as a  fun way to relax–and stretch your creative muscles.

Want to purchase one? Here are a couple that have caught my eye: Color Me Mindful (Birds), Enchanted Forest, and Geometric Coloring Books.

2. Buy some flowers.

Flowers and plants produce happiness. There are many calming effects of plants and having the chance to pick out your favorite variety and arrange them in a creative way in your home is a good way to energize your environment. It may sound simple, but having some colorful plants nearby can enhance our outlook and wellbeing.
9 Creative Ways to Relax & Regain Energy

[Currently reading: Adventures For Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser.]

3. Read a book and turn electronics off.

Is it time for a phone fast? Make that a technology cleanse. Let’s get back to the basics and pick up a paperback. One of my goals for the year is to read at least one book a month, and it’s already proving to be relaxing and reenergizing. Don’t think that reading is a chore; instead, focus on something that you would like to read. Don’t think about what others are reading or what’s trending. It’s all about what you find curious and interesting. Take an afternoon or evening. Put your phone and laptop in a drawer, and pick out a book that you’ve been eyeing for awhile. This mini technology cleanse will help you break out of your rhythm and add some newness to your routine.

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4. Dance in the kitchen.

Yep, we all do it. But do we break out in song and dance enough? Probably not. This is your invitation to make a fool of yourself while cooking dinner.

5. Make a fruit smoothie.

Fruit is the number one food that gives you energy. Period. Put the coffee and tea aside, and create a tropical smoothie with bananas, frozen fruit and coconut water or almond milk. Humans naturally crave the sugars in fruit (which are the right sugars we need to fully thrive and be healthy). Fruit does wonders for energy. Plus, if you’ve never made a smoothie before, it’s fun to experiment with different flavors. Even if you’re a smoothie master, making a smoothie or new recipe is always a great creative outlet.

9 Creative Ways to Relax & Regain Energy

6. Play a board game or cards.

Another way to relax can be to play a board game or cards with friends or family. Instead of games on our phones, let’s take a break from the workday and do a game night. I just played the longest game of Crazy Eights the other night. Other games I play often are Farkle, Settlers of Catan, Blokus, and Bananagrams. Keeping it classic.

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7. Go to a mall or park and people watch.

There’s nothing like watching people pass by and observing the hustle of your town or city. A few years ago during a creative writing class, we had an assignment to go to the mall and come up with five different characters simply by people watching. While it may be weird to think about what other people’s lives are like, it can be a really humbling experience. Put yourself into the mind of a stranger. Or think about what else is going on in the world not related to your to-do list or responsibilities.

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8. Get rid of the clutter.

The other day I just had to clean out my sock drawer. I feel like that is very cliché, but it was very therapeutic to get everything arranged and back in order. Picking one area to clean is a great way to relax and feel accomplished. Just by getting something small out of the way, we can have a burst of energy to get other things done in the day.

9 Creative Ways to Relax & Regain Energy

9. Silence your mind.

Jennifer from Simply & Fiercely recently wrote about the joy of a quiet mind. This really inspired me to take a few minutes today to get rid of distractions in my life (my phone, social media, my computer, noises from outside, etc.) and just spend a few minutes alone with my thoughts and journal. By writing everything out, I was able to quiet my mind and remove myself from stresses and ugly thoughts—things we do not need in order to be our best selves. From this, I hope to find more moments to just sit in silence and be still. Relish in the calm and the peaceful.

What are some ways you like to recharge and relax? Do you practice self-care? What does that routine look like for you? I would love to hear about your tricks and tips, as we strive to live a simpler, lyrical life together.