My Health Goals for 2016 (#BeBold2016)

Ah, January. The month where fitness clothing and equipment goes on sale, my friends invite me to the gym and I want to drink a cold smoothie even though it is freezing outside. The new year is a time when many people think about getting into shape or living healthier lives. But this year, I didn’t have this mindset as I have in previous years. Last January, I was getting excited about yoga and workout classes. This year, I just now made it to one Zumba class. In 2015, I focused a lot on my health and eating habits ,and I’ve been in a really good place with it that I haven’t been entirely focused on health goals since they have already become part of my routine! I feel content with my health in many ways, but of course I’m hoping to improve in some specific areas as well.
Health Goals for 2016
That’s what the #BeBold2016 linkup is for! If you’re new, here is a little recap of what several bloggers have been up to this month:

Be Bold 2016 is a linkup for bloggers to share their goals for the year and connect with other bloggers. Through this, we can all grow our blogging communities and find cheerleaders and accountability partners to help us own our goals and make 2016 bright and bold! Blogging is better with friends, after all!

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My Health Goals for 2016

A little background – In March/April of 2015, I decided to eat completely vegan. That is, I eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, starches (potatoes, rice, pasta), nuts, beans, and seeds. It’s been almost 1 year, which is amazing to me. I have seen so many amazing benefits from veganism, and I wholeheartedly believe in this choice for my health and the environment. Some of the benefits have been feeling energized and healthy, not catching any sickness. Because of this, I think 2015 was a huge health year for me, as far as my eating routine. For 2016, I want to continue strong on this journey and work on some of the other areas of health. Here are my health goals for the year.

Health Goals for 2016

1. Education: Read 2-3 health-related books. 

Education is so important when it comes to health. I’ve watched documentaries and read articles online, but I would love to add some books on health to my library. The ones I’ve been looking at are The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall , Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek, and The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

2. Fitness: Work on my upper-body strength and weight training. 

In the past, my workouts have focused on cardio, and while I will continue with cardio, I want to try something different and try strength training. If you all have any tips with this, let me know!

3. Eating: Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my meals. 

A lot of times my meals are pasta or potatoes, and I could easily add a salad or some more fruit with my meal. I started making smoothies this month, and I’m excited to get in my greens in green smoothies. Do you have favorite smoothie recipes?

4. Self: Take on more challenges.

This is a general goal, but I hope to take on new challenges and risks this year–learn more about my industry, try something new, meet new people. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone a little bit more and not focus on outcomes, since I can’t control those. I hope to open myself up to more learning experiences and see where they take me.

Do you have health goals for the new year? Link up your blog posts or leave a comment below sharing what they are. I would love to hear them and help you grow on your health journey! 

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