20 Journaling Prompts for Your Creative Soul

We are often afraid of blank pages. And if we’re not afraid of blank pages, we’re afraid to start something new, get out of our routine, mix things up, or try something that feels unnatural.

I’m in the middle of reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, all about creative living beyond fear. Through this book, I’m realizing that we have no good excuses to not interact with our creative nature. We have all the permission in the world to ignite our creative passions. You could be a writer. You could be a designer. Or an artist. Or a coach. An athlete, or a doctor. I stress the diversity of creative professions (when we make something–even making someone feel good, we use our creativity) on this blog because I truly believe we all have large doses of creativity just flowing through our veins and we can gain energy from it.

But we can’t be afraid of blank pages.

If you are not one who typically journals, you may not have been interested in this post. If you want to take up journaling, this may be the perfect resource for you. If you are looking for a fun way to dive deep into your creative nature, I hope these exercises let you find inspiration. While there are no guarantees, I do want to emphasize that journaling can do wonders even if it doesn’t feel like it.

I journal in order to process my thoughts. I journal to chronicle my life. I journal to practice my writing.

I journal because the more creativity you use, the more you have.

20 Creative Journaling Prompts

If you are staring at your journal—or maybe a stack of new journals like I am—I hope to give you some writing prompts to help you find your next stroke of genius.

There are no right or wrong answers. I challenge you to simply write and see what happens. Here we go.

20 Journaling Prompts for Your Creative Soul

Write a mantra to start your day.

Write 19 words that you love.

Who has inspired creativity in you?

Where would you go if you had a free afternoon? Describe the scene.

What is a dream you’ve always had?

Journaling Prompts for Your Creative Soul
What causes are you passionate about?

What creates brightness and light in your day?

Describe what lives outside your window.

What is the best piece of advice you heard today?

What are your favorite creative outlets?

Write a haiku about your breakfast.

What is something that you would like to improve in your creative life?

What moment stood out to you most today?

Journaling Prompts for Your Creative Soul
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What calls you to adventure?

What were you inspired to create as a child? What did you like about it?

Write a letter to your best friend.

Open up your favorite book. Turn to a chapter, and write down the title. Now finish the chapter with your story.

If you were a circus performer, what would you be?

What are your creative strengths?

What advice would you give yourself for tomorrow?

Set your intentions.

As you journal, set your intention. Know that your journal entries shouldn’t strive for perfection. Let yourself be open to what your fingers what to write. Find your freedom in simply writing your thoughts, giving life to your ideas. You are not pressuring yourself to come up with a life-changing epiphany. You are connecting the dots of your reality, your dreams, your thoughts and your intentions.

Journaling Prompts for Your Creative Soul
Color inside the lines, color outside the lines.

Make it a practice of highlighting your small moments of the day and turning them into your story. Your story is what makes you you. It contains millions of infinities, pathways of goodness and bright hues of your spirit. The least you can do is share it with yourself, in the precious pages of a bound journal, probably one you got at Target (like me) or a secret nook of your favorite bookstore.

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Creative journaling is something I hope to practice more this year to process what comes my way. I hope you tag along too.

What do you like to journal about? Do you access your creative nature through writing or journaling? I would love to hear about it!