Encouragement for Your Next Creative Adventure

All writers have those moments when you just let words do their own thing. Before you know it you have an article, a chapter, a poem, a blog post, a sentence written on the page in front of you and you don’t really know how.

That’s what this is for you all. These are words to inspire your next creative adventure. From my notebook to yours, I hope this encouragement helps to stir creative insight into your upcoming plans and into your dreams. I don’t normally share things like this, but I’m excited to open up to the possibilities of the blogging platform and share some inspiration with you today. I hope you enjoy!

Tell Me a Story Only You Can Tell

Encouragement for Your Next Creative Adventure

Tell me a story only you can tell.

Experiment with creativity in the wind.

Don’t be afraid of a new direction.

Pray with me, darling.

You are going places.

Prepare with great might. Establish your vision.

Feel it in your skin.

Translate it to your bones. To your future. To your soul.

Capture the pure wonder of your genius. You are you.

Take away everything else.

And you are here.

You are going places.

And the one thing you need –

is to know that I’m here right beside you.

Know your greatness.

Know the power within you.

Let’s dance, my darling.

Let’s release all fear, all shame, all distress.

You are wanted here.

Close your eyes. You belong.

In all that you are, your goodness shines.

Your realness moves mountains.

You glisten.

Let your ideas, your creative pulse, vibrate through you.

Take a breath right here.


It’s that breath that has the most beauty.

It is yours. You are alive.

You let your creative heart come alive.

Dream it. Do it.

Produce it. It is messy.

It is magic.

Tell me a story only you can tell.

This is a call, a call from a broken world.

Share with me, darling.

Tell me a story only you can tell.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday if you celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.S. It was great to see and spend a good time with family this year as well as relax from working and busyness.

Let me know what you guys are currently working on? I would love to hear what’s going on in your lives and your ideas, whether it’s a new business plan or an e-book or travel plans. Anything exciting happening in December?

I hope you all have a great week, full of creativity and inspiration to make a difference in the life’s ordinary moments all around us. Stay creative, friends!