What I Learned in September

Hello my blog friends! I am popping in on a rainy Saturday with a recap post of September. I like to reflect back on my months and share some things I learned. You can read similar posts for August, July and June this past year.
What I Learned in September - Gina Alyse

1.  I learned about my family history in Pennsylvania.

For Labor Day weekend, my family traveled to several locations in western Pennsylvania to learn more about my great great grandfather who was a pastor of a church for 40 years in Butler, Pennsylvania. We also visited a church camp that he founded by buying land from a civil war veteran in 1936. It was a fun weekend learning more about my dad’s side of the family and my roots. It’s nothing like seeing places important to my grandma and my family.

2. We need to unplug everyday.

I am a strong proponent of “me” time at the end of the day or incorporated into the day. It’s a way to truly relax and this is so necessary.

3. It’s okay to take a blogging break.

I didn’t have enough time to blog as much as I’d like in September, but I realize I do love blogging and taking some time out of my weekend to do so. It’s hard when things get busy at work, but blogging shouldn’t be a source of stress, never.

4. Amazon Instant Watch is a glorious thing.

I found my new favorite TV show for fall: Scorpion. Season 2 premiered on my birthday, September 21, and I decided to watch the whole first season in a week via Amazon. I had never really been a person who pays to watch TV shows or movies online, since I usually do Netflix or watch TV. But sometimes it’s fun to splurge a little! What TV shows are you watching this season?

5. Having a favorite notebook changes everything.

I have found my favorite type of notebook and I have repurchased a second one. I think this black, soft-cover Moleskine is here to stay as a top favorite. It’s so good to know what works for you and your writing and creative style. Read more about why my notebook is my #1 blogging tool. 

6. LARABARs are amazing.

I always thought that most fruit, nut, granola or protein bars are full of unhealthy things and added sugar. Then I found LARABAR, which is amazing. With simple ingredients, like dates, almonds, cherries, applies and other fruits and nuts, they are the perfect snack to bring to work and on the go. They are vegan and  gluten-free, plus they taste so good!

A couple of my other favorites are pictured above: fresh squeezed orange juice from Whole Foods and my love & light tank from Braided Bliss.

What are some of the things you are loving this month? Or did you learn any important things as the fall season starts? I can’t wait to hear how your months have been!