What I Learned in October

Hi blogging friends! Can you believe that October has gone by so quickly?

This has been one of the busiest months for me this year and one where I happened to learn a lot by experience about my work, my life and my skills. Most of my October was spent event planning for a big fundraiser at my job. In between work was rest, trying new recipes and watching new TV shows. All in all, October was a crazy month and I’m looking forward to November for a fresh start after all the craziness at work.

Here are some of the things I learned this month as I reflect back on it!
What I Learned in October

1. I need to take “glamping” seriously. And I need to sleep in a tepee. Plus, there happens to be tepee camping in one of my favorite states, North Carolina.

2. I learned about the health benefits of oil pulling and that I wouldn’t gag if I put coconut oil in my mouth for 20 minutes. I’m trying to develop this habit for better oral health. If you haven’t heard of oil pulling, it is using oil (you could use a variety of different kinds, but many use coconut oil for taste) as a mouthwash to detox your mouth and whiten your teeth over time. So far I haven’t done it as often to see whitening results, but I hope to try more!

3. Running a 600-person event is hard work. I’m not sure if I am cut out for event planning, but organizing a 5K and 1K fundraiser for work really challenged me, as I briefly mentioned above. The 5K was October 17, and it was the main reason I took a blogging break this month. It has been the busiest month at work so far, full of late nights and full days. I also learned that events go by super fast and that you can’t plan for everything. Overall, the event was a success! It all came together after four months of work, and I’m still not exactly sure how.

4. Black Mission Figs are a great snack! Dried figs have become a staple food on my weekends. As the bag claims, they are sweeter than honey!

5. I learned it is okay to take a blogging break and to truly find your happiness and reason for blogging. A refresh is definitely necessary during times of busyness and even during normal days. Taking moments away from blogging has helped me find some balance and let me truly enjoy blogging and the creative process. Thank being said, I do have some exciting plans and thoughts for this space, but I am looking forward to having them evolve slowly for the rest of year. And I can’t wait to see what happens!

What did you all learn in October and what are your November plans?