What does Being a “Creative” Mean?

How do you define creativity?

Creativity: the act of creating new things. It’s innovative and fresh. Mind-blowing but relaxing. Creativity is putting our thoughts into motion and turning the intangible into something we can feel.

What Does Being a Creative Mean?

To create is to move toward your purpose in life. 

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With every step you take to create something, you change this world. You offer it something new. Just by writing words, talking to people, running around your neighborhood, you change circumstances. You leave a trail of ideas, of footprints, of life, of memories. You give life into things that were not there before.

Do not think you don’t have influence in this world. Everything you do creates something new. Your phone, your favorite coffee mug, the playground outside, your car, your money, the books you read, your running shoes, the items in your cupboard or your closet – these are all your tools to live a creative life.

What Being a Creative Means
We are all creative. We are all artists. It’s in our nature – we crave innovation + stories of change. Innovation is around us in so many ways. It’s reaching out to an old friend. Sending a thank you note or a gift. Surprising your mom with flowers. Coaching a friend in your favorite sport. Sending an email to your co-workers. What we all do is an art – it makes the world turn.

Don’t think that you have to own a paintbrush or a piano to be an artist.

You are creative just as you are.

And you know what?

Our creative nature is directly tied to our purpose and sole reason for being. 

[bctt tweet=”Our creative nature is directly tied to our purpose and sole reason for being. “]

To create is to move toward your purpose in life. To create is to move towards change.

It’s time to embrace this creative nature in us – and truly get to know the artist living inside of us, waiting to touch the communities around us.

What Being a Creative Means
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It’s not about what holds you back, it’s about what makes you energized to create goodness and love in ways we can’t imagine.

What does creativity mean to you? How do you view your creative side? 

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