I Blog: What’s Your Superpower? (Free Wallpaper!)

Bloggers have their own form of superpowers. We sacrifice our time to write words and take photos that help others and create meaning in the world. We document information. We make beautiful things. We are consistent. Powerful. Thought-shapers. Idea-generators. I know my life has been changed by the lessons I’ve learned through reading other blogs.

Blogging is a powerful tool to tell stories, humanize businesses and brands, and truly connect with people with similar interests all over the world. You see? Blogging is quite the superpower. No matter what kind of blog or how large your following or what you post, let me tell you this today, my fellow blogger, you are a hero in this world. Your words matter. You matter. Let’s embrace ourselves as bloggers and culture makers. Let’s realize that we have influence. We have the creative powers to make an impact in so many ways.

I Blog What's Your Superpower? Phone Wallpapers!

Today I’ve made this wallpaper for my fellow bloggers who want to proclaim their blogger awesomeness. “I blog. What’s your superpower?” can remind us that what we do is special and important. Never stop being an amazing blogger and creative innovator.

Desktop Wallpapers

I Blog. What's Your Superpower? Free Wallpapers!

Phone Wallpapers

I Blog. What's Your Superpower? Free Wallpapers!
I Blog. What's Your Superpower? Free Wallpapers!

This wallpaper is available for phone backgrounds and desktop computers in four different colors! Choose your color below! 

To install your wallpaper, click on the link of the color you would like to download and an image will open in a new tab. Either save to your computer or to your camera roll and there you go!

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< I BLOG. what’s your superpower? /> Free Wallpaper Downloads for Bloggers!

Phone Backgrounds: CRANBERRY //  TEAL & WHITE // BLUE & TEAL // BLUE & ORANGE

Desktop Backgrounds: CRANBERRY //  TEAL & WHITE // BLUE & TEAL // BLUE & ORANGE

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Let me know what you think of these and how you are living a superhero blogger life!