What Not to Bring to College (Simplify Your Packing List)

Last year, I wrote a post about the 19 Must-Haves for College Apartments. It continues to be my post popular post on my blog. As we get into the back-to-school season, I wanted to share some more tips on packing for college, whether you are moving into a dorm for the first time or your very first apartment. This is your simplified packing guide on what not to bring to college. Lighten your load and transform your college dorm into your dream room!

What NOT to Pack for College

1. Rain Boots

One thing I learned from friends a couple years older than me is that college is the time to buy and use rain boots. Depending on your campus, you may have to deal with walking a lot in the rain and perhaps through large puddles. However, I never liked the feeling of wearing rain boots since they were large, rubbery and a bit uncomfortable. Because I wasn’t used to wearing them, they stayed in my closet even on rainy days. I would choose running shoes or more durable shoes instead. Rain boots also take up a lot of closet space, so depending on the weather, your campus and if you walk a lot, you may leave these at home!

2. High School T-shirts

Keep the t-shirts to a minimum. Maybe pack a couple of your all-time favorites and a couple to sleep in for the first week. Know that you will receive stacks of t-shirts your freshman year. Many will be free, but you may want to purchase some from various organizations you join too.

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3. Large Appliances

Freshman year, I thought I could use a quesadilla maker in my small kitchen at school, but I never had any time to cook while living in a dorm. If you are living in an apartment or a space that has a kitchen, evaluate appliances by how often you use them. Appliances made to cook one type of food (i.e. quesadilla maker, popcorn maker, etc.) are probably not worth it. I chose to bring a blender for smoothies, drinks and soups, and in my apartment, we had a toaster oven, coffee maker and different kitchen tools.

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4. Your DVD/CD/Magazine Collection

I remember bringing my favorite movies to college sophomore year, and I never once watched them. Netflix is your best friend in college, even when watching with your roommates those late nights. Items like DVDs, CDs, boardgames, etc. take up space in your room, and you will probably be focused on other school or social activities most of your time.

5. Ironing Board & Iron

I used an iron in college probably four times over four years. The lesson? You can pop your clothes in the dryer for a couple extra seconds, use a hair dryer or buy this steamer to quickly make your clothes wrinkle-free. The iron & ironing board combo is a no go.

6. Bathrobe

For the most part, everyone used towels in college instead of bathrobes. I bought one before my freshman year, thinking it would come in handy. I don’t remember using it too often, and it was one of those random college things that took up space. Instead of a bathrobe, invest in your towels and make sure you have a shower caddy for the dorms or suites you will live in.

7. Ottoman

To break the trend, an ottoman is something I did not buy for college, and I stand by this decision. While they look cute and trendy for dorm rooms, they do take up space. Most of the time, we didn’t need extra seating in a dorm room that an ottoman would provide, and the amount of storage space within them wasn’t adequate. Opt for investing in good, quality storage bins or drawers to keep your school supplies, food, dorm supplies and personal items.

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8. A Printer

Definitely check with your school before bringing a printer with you to college. For me, I didn’t use a personal printer from sophomore to senior year because I had printing dollars to use from my university and the school printers were reliable the majority of the time. If upperclassmen recommend bringing a printer to school, definitely coordinate with your roommate. But if you can save the space (and the money on ink!), that’s a win-win!

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9. Bed Risers

A lot of times universities provide bed risers in the residence halls for students to loft their beds. Often purchasing your own is not necessary and may not fit with the framework of the bed. Get in touch with the residence life office at your university to double check.

What are your packing tips for college? For many, it’s the first big move away from home and it takes some careful thought and consideration on what to bring and what not to bring. How do you simplify your packing routine?