Last-Minute Summer Bucket List for College Students

As back-to-school time creeps back into our lives, let’s not forget to take advantage of the warm summer months and the freedom of having a summer break. Even though I have been working this summer and graduated college, I have put together a bucket list for college students to make the most of their last weeks before going back to school. There are several things to do before college to get ready and one of the most important ones is to relax and go on your last summer adventure.

Summer Bucket List for College Students

Here’s what you can do in the next days or weeks to soak up everything summer has to offer.

Summer Bucket List for College Students

– Go berry picking.

– Set up an informational interview with someone in your field.

– Find a new workout routine.

– Take a road trip with your friends (Here are 8 Road Trips Every College Student Should Take)

– Make popsicles.

– Put together your resume or portfolio to get ahead for the school year.

– Try indoor skydiving.

– Volunteer at a summer camp.

– Go on a trip alone (here’s why I love traveling on my own!)

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– Clean out your dorm boxes and get rid of unnecessary items

– Go rock climbing.

– Attend a music festival or concert.

– Make your own flower crown.

– Make a Youtube video or start your own channel.

– Create a blog.

– Do something outside your comfort zone.

– Read a new book.

– Hang out with your family (have a family game night or do something outdoorsy with them!)

– Go somewhere you’ve never been before.

– Create a bucket list for the school year.

What is on your summer bucket list? I would love to know how you all are spending your last weeks of summer before fall hits. Let me know if you have any adventures planned!