Why Travel During Your Post-Grad Summer

Welcome to the first installment of “Your Post-Grad Summer”—a blog series I am doing with Kate from A Thought & a Half. I actually met Kate when we were both attending Elon University last year, and we had a bunch of lunch dates to talk about blogging and life! So I am super excited to be collabing with her as we both enter our post-grad lives.

While we both have jobs right out of college (Kate also attended a master’s program at Elon), there are so many options after you graduate college. Many people look for jobs, but I also have friends who decided to attend grad school, volunteer abroad, take a gap year, or travel. While I am not traveling right after college (hopefully in next couple years—very soon!), I have many friends who have taken jobs abroad or chose to travel through Europe or Australia. After talking with them, one thing is clear: there are infinite reasons to travel right after college graduation. Here are a couple reasons to go somewhere new and have an incredible post-grad summer!

4 Reasons to Travel Your Post-Grad Summer

1. Post-grad is a PRIME time to travel.

As my good friend Jordan said, as recent grads, we don’t have a mortgage or a family to take care of. Post-grad is a season of small commitments, and more freedom to immerse yourself in something new. Take this chance to travel the world. This could mean taking a week or two to volunteer overseas, visit a friend in a new state, or start a new life working or teaching in a new country.

2. We need a break from work and busy lifestyles.

Living in America means living in a world that is obsessed and fueled by productivity. We love being busy and our society values hard work. While these are not bad values to have, there are other perspectives to feeling accomplished and scheduling our days. Now is the time to learn to succeed in life, when productivity is not the priority. Traveling allows us to see how other cultures view life + work.

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3. We discover what we truly value.

Traveling makes us recognize our own smallness. It helps us learn about ourselves, and our place in this world. It’s not all about making money or having the best job. (We don’t work to make money. We work to live.) It’s about how you view yourself as an important piece in this global ecosystem, crucial to moving the world forward and making a difference, even in the slightest ways.

Why Travel Post-Grad

4. Global experiences are resume-friendly.

Employers love to see travel experience on resumes. Intercultural competence is huge in the workplace. Studies show that students who study abroad are more likely to get hired and succeed in their careers. Same with traveling post-grad. Traveling is always a great way to get to know others and learn to navigate a world of differences, while building global communities. Talk about developing epic career skills, definitely adaptable to your dream career.

I know I am convinced to add travel into my early post-grad plan! Just hearing about my friends’ plans for living in Honduras, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world excites me to make travel part of my lifestyle. It’s all about the habits we form as young adults, so incorporating travel into our lives early will help us become better citizens and people into the future.

What are your thoughts on post-grad travel? If you could drop everything right now and book a flight to anywhere in the world, where would it be? (Mine would be South Africa or Thailand—can’t decide!)

Your Post-Grad Summer Collab Series
Also, be sure to head over to Kate’s blog to hear about making the most of your post-grad summer! I hope you stick with us for the rest of “Your Post-Grad Summer” series! Stay tuned for more next week!