Discover Your Crazy Creative Self

As creative professionals, students, bloggers or travelers, we run busy lives. In fact, this video explains how just how valuable and precious our free time can be. The fact is: there isn’t a lot of time in the day for creativity, art, imagination, reading, relaxing or making new things, unless we make time for it.

Discover Your Crazy Creative Side!
As kids, we were always encouraged to use our imagination. We would color, write stories, come up with the craziest games or songs and nothing was strange about that. Even when I was in high school, I remember spending so much time daydreaming and imagining different stories to write or things to create.

I don’t think we lose our imagination or our creativity as adults. We may just need a push in the right direction to help us discover our crazy creative side.

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Here I am to suggest this simple exercise.

The Daydream Approach to Boost Creativity

Find a quiet (or rather a distraction-less) place to sit or lay down. Try to pick somewhere out of the ordinary. It could be a on park bench, on your back patio or in a bubble bath. Avoid places like a bed, desk or couch—furniture you use everyday.

Once you are comfortable, close your eyes and simply imagine. Yes, that’s right: I want you to daydream. Turn off all negative or “busy” thoughts going through your mind and find your soul’s breathing space.

Answer the question: if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? What would you be doing? Visualize it in your mind and write yourself a story of what you do in your perfect place. Try to focus on details: sounds, colors, smells, tastes, feelings, etc.

Take as long as you need to get fully immersed in this new place you created. Just daydream and reconnect with your inner imagination.

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You may be thinking, this sounds so easy or so simple. And yes, it is! Except I haven’t let myself do something like this is a really long time. We tend to make excuses that if our mind isn’t focused on something important, then we are doing something wrong. After doing this exercise a couple times over the past couple weeks, I have felt refreshed and back in touch with creative self.

Call it meditating, daydreaming or giving your mind a rest. Try it sometime and maybe you’ll discover something new about yourself!

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How do you like to use your imagination and connect with your creativity?

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