Why You Need Community as a Creative Professional

Nothing inspires more than being around inspiring people. One of the biggest lessons I learned in college and the last couple years of my life is that we are made for community. I personally believe are all natural-born creatives and that we are meant to thrive in solid community. The ability to form creative communities is in our blood.

Often we think that writing, drawing or music are solo arts. Having an artistic career may be lonesome. While these professions require independent time to produce quality work, creative professions are not solitary positions. Behind every awesome creative professional is their supportive tribe of encouragers, workers and friends.

How to Build a Community as a Creative Professional

We can generate so many creative ideas when groups of different people come together, no matter the circumstances. I could be working with a group of kids on a puppet show or hanging out with friends talking about what appears on my Facebook feed. When there is a chance for your idea to leave your mind and enter someone else’s, options are limitless. For example, take a look at this quote:

“If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples, then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” — Charles F. Brannan

If we think of ideas like this, we can see how ideas can stay in the same place, yet travel somewhere new. Ideas can literally be in two places at once. Maybe that’s why we call it “sharing ideas.” Because when you share your idea, you are holding onto it yourself and also letting it go for the rest of the world to experience it too. This is one reason why ideas are more powerful than things. And why people are the transmitters of the most powerful things in the universe.

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Ideas are valuable and they are like velcro, holding us together. Nothing else can be spread like an idea can. Ideas are the very threads that unite a community. It is through community that we find new ideas and increase our creativity. It’s where ideas come to grow.

In thinking about this, l’ve come up some top ways community fosters our creativity.

How Community Fosters Creativity

  1. Community offers diverse perspectives.
  2. Community allows us to have interesting conversations.
  3. People can give us feedback on our creative ideas and help us fine tune even further.
  4. By interacting with others, we have a larger capacity to make change.
  5. By committing yourself to a community, you attach your creative idea to a larger purpose.

Where to Find Your Creative Community

1. Facebook Groups

I personally love Facebook groups related to blogging, creativity and graphic design. My favorite Facebook groups and online communities are: #fireworkpeople, The Peony Project, DYOB: Blog Beautiful, The Creative’s Corner, and Blog Love.

2. Church Groups

One place that has been a major source of community for me has been church groups either through my church at home or campus groups at school. I would highly suggest getting involved in a community of people who will always be there for you and challenge you to do good in the world and become a better person. Whether that is physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or creatively, church groups have always kept me grounded and inspire creativity in me.

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3. Networking

Work is a great place to find like-minded people who can become your creativity cheerleaders. Start by going to local networking events through your office or meet up with some bloggers around your city. Attend Chamber of Commerce events or other conferences in your area. Through meeting people here, you can find people with similar interests that can inspire different ideas in your work projects. Make sure to follow up with people, meet for coffee and maintain your relationships with the different people you meet.

4. Volunteering

Service activities are such a great way to get to know others and have fun serving your community. Since volunteer events bring together people already acting for the greater good, you can meet people who have similar goals for making the world a better place. Just opening up your eyes to the needs of those around you can help you look for creative solutions to big and small problems. Whether you are packing food for the hungry, sorting through clothes donations or picking up trash in a local park, know that you are creating better lives for those around you. There is no highest form of creativity out there. 

And the people by your side will be your biggest supporters.

Tell me about your creative community. Was there a time that working together with a group of people inspired more creativity and change than just working by yourself? How do you think creative professionals can create stronger and united communities that get us fired up about world change? 

Let’s share our thoughts and voice our opinions to form community that truly matters!