Wild & Free Summer Phone Wallpapers

To kick off the summer season, I’m back with another round of phone goodies! These summer phone backgrounds are all about summer vibes and inspiring us to live wild & free lives this season. There is watercolor, tribal print, quotes and more, all to spice up your phone! (If you want to take a look at the first round of watercolor phone backgrounds, make sure to check out the Good Vibes collection.)
Wild & Free Phone Wallpapers for Summer

Wild & Free Phone Wallpaper
Summer Lovin' Phone Background Wallpaper
To get your free wallpapers, click through below to download them.

Wild & Free

Wild & Free Phone Wallpaper
Watercolor Green Print Phone Background

Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin' Phone Wallpaper

Small Steps

Take Small Steps with Big Faith
Crystal Blue Watercolor Phone Wallpaper

Download the Tech Goodies!

Wild & Free Watercolor Green Watercolor Print

Summer Lovin’ | Summer Tribal Print

 Small Steps with Big Faith | Crystal Blue Watercolor

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