Why Having a Schedule Boosts Creativity

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to not have to worry about schedules, about following a routine, planning dates and meetings, etc. All the things we do as grown-up adults. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from it all?

As I’m gaining more perspective about creativity and learning that creativity comes in so many ways, I’m learning that having a routine can make us more creative. Schedules can have the same effect on our creative minds just like traveling to a new place.

Why Having a Schedule Boosts Creativity
Let’s think about it! We can thrive by doing the same things everyday. When we have a standard routine, we don’t have to take time to think about the things when we do them. It frees up brain space and thought power to allow us to be creative in other ways. What would happen if we put parts of our lives into a schedule? Let’s say we get up at the same time everyday, eat the same thing for breakfast or lunch, and have the same morning routine. We workout at 5:30pm at night, and go to bed at a similar time each day. This means that we don’t focus on minor questions like what to make for lunch, what time to set our alarm clock. If we give less thought to these items, we can give more time to our job, freelance work or creative projects.

I used to be scared of routines. I thought being free from routines would mean more creative freedom. And, don’t get me wrong, sometimes switching up our routines does inspire creativity. It takes a good balance between staying on a schedule and being open to live around you and new ideas.

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On thing I am really focusing on in my life right now is consistency. Consistency in fitness, in blogging, in eating habits, and in reading. Consistency is where we can flourish in so many ways. Building good habits leads to change and ultimately better lives. Consistency, motivation, commitment, dedication. Often, time is our greatest teacher. 

As we narrow down our routine and pinpoint what’s truly valuable to us in life, we can see what we want to create in this world. And we can go do it. Consistency means action. Schedules mean action. It means working hard for results. It means we create something. It opens up worlds to us.

Your creative action for this week: 

Develop one healthy routine in your life. Perhaps start with a morning routine, getting up at the same time each day or always making a smoothie for breakfast. Start to realize how you can free your mind from thinking about daily tasks and start to work on your creative brainpower for making a difference in your job, blog, health, family, community and beyond.

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