Why Everyone Should Freelance

Even though I am starting a full-time job soon, I became so inspired and passionate about freelancing after going to a freelance expert panel at my school a couple weeks ago. I know it’s kind of crazy to balance a job, a blog and freelancing all at the same time (but Olivia shows us how here!), and yet I am still so excited to continue doing some freelance design and blogging work for clients. Freelance in the past has helped me learn new skills and grow professionally, but there are so many other benefits to marketing your own skills and experience. Here’s why everyone should take time to freelance.

Why Everyone Should Freelance

1. Freelancing gives you confidence in your skills.

Sometimes I would say I was a graphic designer, but I didn’t really feel like it. After taking on some clients who needed design and branding work, I grew more confident in myself as a designer and now I know that I can do this. Every time you get a new client, confidence in your work can increase and it gives you valuable experience you can show to potential clients or employers down the road.

2. Freelance helps you own your work.

With freelancing, you build your work up from the ground. You own what you do and you own your success. Owning something means taking care of it and working to make it better and better. This means you have direct control over the work you produce, and it can give you motivation to make your work whether it is photography, video, web design, writing, consulting, etc. the best service it can be.

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3. You understand basics of running your own business.

If you are not very business-minded, freelancing may be hard at first, but it allows us to learn more about running a business and marketing ourselves. I learned about taxes, forms, contracts, file management, marketing and more when it comes to freelancing. There is so much to learn in terms of selling your services on the side, and it can even help you make better decisions if you hire any freelancers, contractors or blog contributors in the future.

4. It gives you self discipline.

This is huge! Sometimes I feel like I lack motivation or focus when it comes to getting work done. However, freelancing makes you work and be professional while working from the comfort of your home or out in the field. It can help you prioritize different aspects of your work life and career.

Other studies have shown that self discipline can lead to happier lives. By learning self discipline, we are more likely to accomplish our goals, not only for our careers but for other goals like fitness, health, traveling, or personal goals. Freelancing gives us a unique opportunity to achieve our specific goals for ourselves like nothing else can.

5. It feeds and fuels your passions.

One thing I notice about all freelancers is they absolutely love the work they are doing. I would only offer freelance services if I am truly passionate about the services I am providing. If you are freelancing on the side, this gives you an opportunity to do what you love outside your 9-5 job. Freelancing can give you a creative outlet that your other job doesn’t satisfy. Don’t think you have to give up your passions. If you incorporate them into freelancing, a second income, they become a valuable part of your life.

6. It allows you to connect in a fun way with your community.

You can experience many different things in your local community through freelancing. Just getting outside and making videos for a client or meeting new people for networking events are just a couple ways to connect with a community in an engaging way. Also, meet some fellow freelancers in your area, too. Often, freelancers can share equipment or help each other with different projects. Having that support system is so valuable.

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7. You can learn new skills.

Finally, freelancing helps us learn new skills and polish the skills we already have. Through freelancing blog and web design, I have increased my knowledge of the WordPress and Blogger platforms, as well as sharpened my graphic skills. It’s through these projects where my skills have grown the most, and I have been thankful for these opportunities to learn new things!

Do you freelance? How do you juggle your time with freelance and other responsibilities? Have you considered different freelance opportunities? Let me know what you all think!