What I Learned in June

I’ve always enjoyed the posts by my favorite author, Emily Freeman, when she shares what she learns every month. She explains that it is always good to reflect back on the month, before moving forward. As June comes to a close, and we’re getting ready for July, I thought I would share with you some of the things I learned this month.


1. How to properly stretch your IT band.

After telling one of my good friends about how my knee had been hurting from running, she suggested that it may be something with the IT band. I then found this video that helped me learn how to get a good stretch! I’ve been taking it easy for my workouts lately, mixing in some hiking, biking, running and weight training. I sometimes get tired after work, though, so I don’t force myself to workout everyday, even though I would like to! It’s all about listening to your body.

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2. I learned more about Argentine currency.

Out of the blue, my dad handed me an Argentine bill, 1000 Argentine pesos. Now, the real question was why did we have money from Argentina (which he found at my grandparents house). No one really knows. But I did learn more about the conversion rates and some history of Argentine currency. I’m debating whether to convert it or save it on the chance I can visit Argentina one day!

Mallard Ducks in a Lake

3. I really love the smell of lavender.

This is self-explanatory, but after using deodorant with a lavender scent, I realized I really like lavender! Good to know in the future!

4. I have too many blog post ideas than it is possible to write.

I keep writing down post ideas after post ideas, thinking of them in the car or in the shower, thinking about photo shoots or DIYs I want to try, and making lists on lists. I guess this is a good thing and it’s making me really inspired to write! I just need to make all the ideas happen!

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5. Walking into a room full of strangers at a networking event terrifies me.

I had my first real professional networking event almost two weeks ago, where I was representing my organization, and it was beyond nerve-racking. It got better as the event went on, but I definitely need more practice networking and being a real adult. While I felt out of place, it helps to jump in with two feet and get out of my comfort zone.

6. I love maxi skirts!

On a lighter note, I bought my first maxi skirt last week and I’m in love! I want to go back and buy them in different colors. They keep you warm and they also keep you cool. They’re overall really comfortable and I love the style!

7. Having a routine is refreshing.

I am starting to enjoy my work routine more. While everyday is different at work, I like the flow of having a work day and relaxing after work. It can be refreshing. And it can also boost creativity, as I discussed in a recent post.

In addition to all of these revelations, I am also learning quite a lot on the job. Fancy things like how to actually use Excel, and other work things I won’t bore you with! I hope you all had a fabulous june (and that you enjoyed some of these quick snapshots from this month)!

What did you all learn this month about life or about yourself?