Top 7 Must-See Attractions in Seville, Spain

Seville is located in the heart of Andalusia, in southern Spain and is home to a breathtaking, vibrant culture and history. From traditional flamenco music playing on the streets to the bright and welcoming local Sevillianos, Seville just sparkles. According to traditional legend, Seville was founded by Roman divine hero Hercules, and it’s home many historic sites that send you back into what life was like along the Guadalquivir River years ago. A great place to try out Spanish tapas, relax in royal gardens, or get lost in famous architecture, Seville will wow you with its joyous culture.

Seville, Spain Travel Guide - Top Attractions to See
Whether you are a tourist, study abroad student, traveler or new to Spain, you must check out the top attractions in Seville to truly understand the city and people. This is your “Don’t Miss This” Guide to Seville and all that it offers. After spending four months in the city, I can say that while some of these can be more “touristy” places than others, these hot spots in Seville encompass the magic of the city. Here’s where to go first and foremost.

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Real Alcázar in Seville Spain Must-See Attraction

1.  Real Alcázar de Sevilla / Alcázar of Seville

This royal palace was built in 913 when Seville was under Muslim rule. Alcázar means fortress or royal palace, and over the years it has been a home to several Spanish monarchs. An example of mudéjar architecture, it blends Moorish and Christian architecture styles together in a stunning palace. You can also see Roman ruins here and walk through the amazing gardens. The gardens are a perfect place to relax and bring a book after touring the palace for an afternoon or late morning. Cost: General Admission: 9.50 EUR

Cathedral de Sevilla y La Giralda

2. The Seville Cathedral & La Giralda Tower

Seville’s Cathedral is the third largest cathedral in the world, and the largest of its Gothic kind. Construction began in 1401, but its origins go back to a mosque from the 12th century. Inside, you can find more than 500 works of art, the burial site of Christopher Columbus, a gorgeous orange tree patio and a spectacular view of Seville from the Giralda Tower. The Giralda Tower boasts one of the most impressive views of Seville, a must-see if you visit this Andalusian city. Cost: General Admission: 8 EUR

Metropol Parasol in Seville at Sunset

3. Metropol Parasol at Sunset / (AKA Las Setas or “The Mushrooms”)

To get a feel of modern Seville, visit the Metropol Parasol, a large and quirky structure located in the historic center of the city. Built by a German architect, Metropol Parasol claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world. While looking at the Mushrooms from the ground up is a great view, you can also walk on top of the structure and see a wonderful sunset over the city just before nightfall. On the terrace, there is also a restaurant, where a free drink is included with your entrance ticket to the top of Las Setas. Cost: 3 EUR (plus a free drink!)
Metropol Parasol in Seville at Sunset
Under the waffle-like wooden Mushrooms, is a wonderful piece of Seville’s history. The Antiquarium de Sevilla is a fun museum to see Roman ruins, which were discovered during the construction of Metropol Parasol in 2011. To see some interesting ruins or take an archeology tour, this is an interesting spot to do so! Cost: Entrance to Antiquarium: 2 EUR

Plaza de España in Seville Spain Travel Guide

4. Plaza de España

One of the most iconic sites of Seville, the Plaza de España boasts its beauty through beautiful architecture and tiles of maps and historic scenes of the provinces of Spain. The blue and white tiles are so intricate and the small river that flows around the plaza is a perfect place for a short boat ride in the middle of the city. Fun fact about Plaza de España is that some scenes from Star Wars were shot here, and it has been a favorite spot for many different filmmakers. Cost: Free! Just walk on over!

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Maria Luisa Park Seville Spain

5. Parque de Maria Luisa / Maria Luisa Park

This public park, located right next to Plaza de España is one of the most beautiful parts of Seville. Here you will find fountains, gazebos, horse-drawn carriages, and fascinating wildlife. As a botanical garden, this is a perfect spot to walk around and enjoy Seville’s beauty, maybe with an ice cream in hand. While you are strolling around in the park, you may notice important buildings such as the Royal Pavilion, the Archeology Museum, and the Popular Arts and Customs Museum. These are found in Plaza America, another enjoyable location, where a lot of doves seem to nest! Cost: Free (minus entrances to other famous buildings)

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6. Museum de Bellas Artes / Museum of Fine Arts in Seville

This museum is considered the second most important art gallery in Spain, after the Prado Museum in Madrid. Two styles are mainly presented: romantic and baroque. You will find work by Murillo, Zurbarán and Valdés Leal. If you are interested in art and history, this is a really interesting museum to visit! Cost: 1.50 EUR

Torre de Oro Seville Travel Guide

7. Torre del Oro & Rio Guadalquivir / The Golden Tower & Guadaquivir River

The Torre del Oro in Seville, rests alongside the Guadalquiver River and is a great part of the city. The tower is one of the last Almohad structures in Seville, and it served as a watchtower for the city back in the 13th century. Currently, it serves as a naval museum, which I found very interesting to watch through and see its various maps, models and plans of the tower. With admission, you can also climb to the top of the tower, which has a great view of the river. While Las Setas and La Giralda boast exquisite views of the city, the Golden Tower allows you to see wonderful views of the Cathedral and the river. While you are close to the river, taking a stroll along the paths here is also a fun place to people watch and take in the vibes of the city. Cost: 2 EUR, free on Tuesdays

Overall, Seville is a great destination to understand the three cultures of Spain: Christian, Jewish and Muslim, and how they have shaped the region. All of these top attractions give you a mix of history, relaxation, beauty, culture, art and architecture. Sevilla is a charming city with a lot going on, so make sure to take it all in, but also absorb the laid-back vibe of Southern Spain too!