The Local Shopping Guide for Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain is home to a variety of shopping destinations where you can find local products and traditional Spanish products like olive oil, ceramics, Spanish fans, homemade jewelry, local food products and more. There are also quite the handful of shops where you can find beautiful art pieces, books, and speciality products. Let me show you the best shops in the city!

Seville, Spain: Local Shopping Guide

1. Calle Regina & Calle Pérez Galdos

This area of Seville, around the famous Metropol Parasol, has been called the Soho of Seville. There is a variety of great boutiques and shops to visit, and many of the shops have interesting stories. Get to know the shop owners and what it’s like to build a local business in Seville.


  • Isadora — a cute, fashionable boutique located on Calle Pérez Galdos, 1.
  • La Importadora — a fashion and art gallery, this shop will inspire your style and creativity, located on Calle Pérez Galdos, 2.
  • La Seta Coqueta — a concept clothing shop, located on Calle Regina, 9.

Un Gato En Bicicleta Shop in Sevilla


  • Un Gato en Bicicleta — a quirky bookstore that has a variety of books, art, gifts and magazines. It has such a unique atmosphere and such a fun name (A Cat on a Bicycle)! Located on Calle Regina, 8.

Art Galleries

  • Delimbo — A forward-thinking art gallery, focusing on street art and graffiti. A must-see! Located on Calle Pérez Galdos, 1.

Street Market Guide in Seville, Spain

2. Street Markets

Street markets in Seville were one of my favorite ways to experience the city. I was able to write an in-depth article about a new street market, the Gran Soho Alameda, which takes place in one of Seville’s hip, alternative neighborhoods. There is also a variety of local and homemade products in street markets all around the city.

El Jueves—Calle Feria

Calle Feria is one of the most colorful areas of the city, and every Thursday morning there is a local market with lots of venders selling literally all kinds of things. Some may view the antiques as a little useless, but others may find hidden treasures among the unique knickknacks, vintage flamenco dresses, works of art and more. It is an interesting side of Sevilla, as the city’s oldest street market. It has been there for more than 700 years!

Gran Soho Alameda Street Market Seville Spain

Gran Soho Alameda — La Alameda de Hercules

Every last Sunday of the month, the Gran Soho Alameda takes place in the heart of the Alameda de Hercules. From homemade jewelry and accessories to hand-painted artwork, the items at Gran Soho Alameda are beautiful and would make a perfect souvenir.

The Art Market

This market takes place in Plaza del Museo, outside the Museum of Fine Arts in Seville, every third Sunday morning. If you are looking for a painting of Seville or other traditional artwork (or something more modern), this where you should come! I was able to buy to a painting here and be inspired by the beauty of artwork in the city.

The “Hippie” Market

Located in Plaza del Duque, outside the department store, Corte Inglés, is a craft market (sometimes known as the hippie market). Here you will find items such as scarves, belts, leather bags and goods, wooden boxes, and shirts. It’s not as interesting as other markets in the city, but it is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday all day, so you may be able to stumble upon it!

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Specialty Food Shops in Seville, Spain

3. Specialty Food Shops

If you are looking for some traditional food from Spain or Sevilla, there are several shops to visit throughout the city.

  • Zaguan 24 specializes in gourmet products including olive oil, vinegars, wines, Spanish tortas de aciete (oil cakes) as well as natural cosmetics. The owners are very nice and knowledgable about their products and it’s a cute shop to visit, close to the center of the city and the Cathedral. Location: Calle Ximénez de Enciso, 24
  • Extraverde Bar y Tienda de Aciete also specializes in Spanish olive oil and is a great spot to pick up some extra virgin olive oil as well. Location: Plaza Doña Elvira 8, Santa Cruz neighborhood

El Jardin Store in Seville, Spain

4. Ceramics & Jewelry

The best place to find ceramics in Seville is on Calle Alfarería in the neighborhood of Triana. The street switches names as you go on, to Calle Antillano Campos and then to Calle San Jorge. There are also some cute stores that sell ceramics in the heart of Seville as well.

  • El Jardín (The Garden) is a beautiful, tiny little shop that was one of my favorite stores in Sevilla. It sells some beautiful pottery, as well as some handcrafted jewelry and gifts. It’s a cute shop located in the city of Seville that is worth a visit! Location: Calle Francos, 61
  • Azulejos Santa Isabel is a beautiful tile shop in Triana where you can find a variety of ceramics, tiles, pottery. Location: Calle Alfarería, 12
  • Ceramica Triana: This is a great shop to find ceramics as well. They are known for more affordable products, too, located in the heart of Triana. Location: Calle San Jorge 31
  • Sevillarte is also a great place to find ceramics and they have multiple locations in the city, which may be a closer option for some! Locations: Calle Pimienta, 12; Calle Gloria, 5; Calle Sierpes 66

5. Calle Sierpes, Calle Tetuan & Calle Cuna

If you want to browse through the main shopping district in Seville, you can walk the streets of Calle Sierpes and Calle Cuna (two that run parallel to each other). Here you will find major chains and labels in Spain (Zara, Mango, Bershka, H&M, Pull & Bear, etc.) as well as some more local boutiques and cafés. You can basically find everything along these streets and side streets, if you are looking for a good variety of stores to browse!

What to Know Before You Shop: Time Schedules

In Sevilla, many people take a siesta time during the late afternoon, which means businesses regularly close around 2-5pm. Also, Spaniards typically get up later than other Europeans, so the work day starts around 9:30am, but business hours go later into the evening. Most stores (except some tourist shops) are also closed on Sundays. Sundays, though, can be a great time to explore street markets in the city!

Overall, there is excellent shopping in Seville, and it is easy to find some fun and local products to take home with you! The shopping scene also helps to get to know the local culture as you explore the vast creativity Seville has to offer.

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