Seville, Spain – Off the Beaten Path Travel Guide

If you really want to dive into some local spots and walk the streets of Seville like a true sevillano, make sure to check out this inside scoop on the best places to chill out, relax, and experience the authentic vibes of Seville off the beaten path.

Seville, Spain: Off the Beaten Path Travel Guide

1. Roman Ruins Throughout Seville

Dive into your history and go on a search for some ancient Roman ruins in the city. Begin with the three old Roman columns hidden away on Calle Marmoles in Barrio Santa Cruz. These columns were once part of a temple dedicated to Hercules. Four other columns from this temple are now displayed in the Alameda de Hercules, a hip, alternative area to meander in Seville (also my old neighborhood where I lived!). Be sure to see both sets of columns, one at each end of the Alameda. Also, if you would like to see parts of an old Roman aqueduct, drive through Calle Luis Montoto to see some of the oldest parts of Seville.

Roman Ruins Alameda de Hercules

2. Alameda de Hercules

This is one of the trendy and up-and-coming neighborhoods, as mentioned before. What sets it apart is all the cool cafes and terraces, lots with live music and a cool vibe unlike other places in the city. Enjoy a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner in this area, taking in the people and atmosphere. As a more trendy environment, you get a mix of bohemian, contemporary and alternative styles. On the weekends, there are usually many street markets and events happening on the main square, just outside of an old 19th-century palace, Casa de las Sirenas, currently a civic center. Also, one of the oldest churches in the city, Church of Omnium Sanctorum, is only a short walk from the Alameda, on Calle Feria.

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Sevilla Graffiti Tour

3. Seville Graffiti Tour

If you want to see the incredible street art in Seville, there is one place to go: along the Guadalquivir River behind the Plaza de Armas bus station. While I’m not sure if this there is a specific tour for this, it a great way to escape some of the tourist spots and take a walk or a bike ride along the river to see the graffiti and street art in the city. Sometimes we can have a negative connotation of graffiti, but after appreciating the works of art created (both legally and illegally) it is interesting to see the high-level of craft that goes into painting the walls of a city. Make sure to check out the murals with a bit of Seville’s history in them: with pictures of the Giralda, Torre del Oro, and Metropol Parasol.

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Calle Betis Seville Spain

4. Triana & Calle Betis

If you would like to experience an authentic Sevillian neighborhood, cross over the river into Triana. To get there, walk over the famous Triana Bridge (Puente de Triana), which has a fascinating history. The first thing you will notice is the rows of colorful building along Calle Betis. Stroll along these streets, taking in the atmosphere. Learn about the ceramic factories part of Triana’s history (and shop around!). To unwind, relax with a local tinto de verano (red wine mixed with soda) along the river and take in the sights of the Cathedral, Torre del Oro and the center of the city. Calle Betis is also a great place for nightlife, with the many bars along the street. Just remember that Spain runs on a later time schedule, so going out past midnight is often the norm.

Parque Alamillo Seville Spain

5. Parque del Alamillo / Alamillo Park

If you are looking for a chance to relax or some outdoor adventures, check out Parque del Alamillo. This wide and vast park is perfect for bike riding, walking, rollerblading, picnics, playing soccer or watching wildlife. You will find a lot of locals hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, underneath the many trees or in the wide open spaces. There are also several outdoor terraces to grab something quick to eat. This definitely is a change of scenery from the historic city.

Plaza San Salvador Seville Spain

6. Plaza del Salvador

This square is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places in the city center. It’s just outside of the Salvador Church, which boasts spectacular architecture. Here you will find many sevillanos just hanging out before lunch or in the early evening. There are several bars to grab a drink or quick eat. Hang out on the steps with your friends to experience the lively city atmosphere.

Do you know any other cool places in Sevilla? What are your top picks for experiencing a city off the beaten path? Let us know your favorite spots!