My #1 Blogging Tool

Over the past couple years, there have been blogging game-changers for me. When I discovered scheduling social media posts or the benefits of using WordPress, it seemed like blogging got easier and more fun to do. I could envision my blog goals and be inspired to post new content. But this year, I discovered a new must-have for blogging that has changed everything, and I’m not just being dramatic….

My Top Blogging Tool

This may sound pretty simple, but I adore having a blogging notebook. We’re getting back to the basics here on the blog today.

Why Use a Blogging Notebook

I use a large, black soft cover Moleskine notebook for all my blog work. It also has plain, unruled sheets, which makes writing and planning so much easier to do. In my notebook, I write out my blog posts, my ideas for future posts, inspiring quotes, to-do lists, schedules and random thoughts. I also let myself doodle and draw on the pages, making it feel more like home. When I get notes from blogging friends, I also like to include them in my notebook, securing them with washi tape.

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Overall, my blogging notebook is my go-to, physical place for all my blog needs. It gives me a creative outlet outside my computer and has been a wonderful tool for creative inspiration.

Benefits of a Blogging Notebook

But why is it my #1 blogging tool?

Having a blogging notebook has enhanced my blog productivity and kept me inspired to blog throughout the past several months. When I write posts in my journal, it helps me get my thoughts down quickly and then I will transfer them to WordPress, making quick edits. It helps save time and helps me focus my topics.

With my blogging notebook, I have also made it a habit to write down any idea for a blog post. Because of this, I have lists and lists of blog post ideas, ready to use whenever I lack creative inspiration.

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Another reason I love my blogging notebook is that I find writing things on paper is such a different experience than typing on a computer, and that it is so rewarding. It is so natural to write on paper, and it feels super genuine. I don’t have to feel pressured to be perfect. I can make mistakes. I can just write what my mind is thinking, even though it may not make sense at the time. My favorite thing is to reread my writing to see what I was thinking in the past and see how it relates to my life right now.

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To recap, I think nothing is more beautiful than putting words to paper. And I believe that can transform our blogging experience and our blogs. Taking time to relax and write down ideas as they come to you is so important has we fuel our creative geniuses and our blogging brilliance.

What is your number one blogging tool?