How to Flourish Healthfully

I am so excited to be back with Brittany for the Flourish linkup! If you haven’t met Brittany yet, be sure to head over to her blog and join us in focusing on flourishing in different parts of lives! So far, we have talked about flourishing creatively and emotionally and flourishing in our relationships. Today’s topic is all about how we can flourish healthfully.

Tie Dye Rose | Flourishing Healthfully
We start off by sharing 10 things to be grateful for. What better way to practice a healthy lifestyle than filling our days with gratitude? Here’s what I’ve been thankful for recently.

10 Things I Am Grateful For

  1. A wonderful church community to be a part of
  2. A smooth graduation day and seeing all my friends for graduation
  3. Pomegranate green tea–something new I tried today!
  4. A full-time job to start soon—wow am I so grateful for this opportunity!
  5. A chance to relax and unwind after college
  6. Spotify–since I have been listening to Walk the Moon and country songs nonstop for the past couple days
  7. Beautiful books that inspire me to give generously and love fully
  8. Running shoes
  9. Local strawberries that are so delicious
  10. Access to amazing knowledge that is life-changing

How I Will Flourish Healthfully

I talked about my plans for exercise in my June goals post, but I would love to get more specific with my health goals. Lately, I have witnessed and experienced how valuing our health makes a huge difference in so many aspects of our life. A healthy life is a wealthy life. Health comes in so many forms: physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. All four are important, but today I wanted to focus more on exercise, diet and spiritual needs. Here’s three things I want to focus on for June to live healthfully.

1. Workout at least four times a week. Strength train at least three times a week.

What I want to focus on with exercise is not how good the workouts are, but how consistent I am. Consistency I think is what I struggle with most. Exercise is all about showing up. So instead of focusing on what kind of workouts I want to do or how far I should run, I want to make sure I am remaining consistent. Our bodies like consistency, and that’s one major way we can improve our fitness.

Watermelons | Flourishing Healthfully

2. Try out two healthy vegan recipes.

Right now, I am eating mostly vegan and I am loving it. Even though it’s been harder to do so now that I’m back home with my family members, who are not vegan, it still is pretty easy for me so far. I want to maintain this food lifestyle, as well as try out some new recipes to switch it up a bit. Making healthy food exciting is one way to stay motivated to eat healthy!

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3. Be intentional about a devotional time.

This is something I have been struggling with for awhile. I used to be consistent with devotionals, but right now, I’m not really on a schedule or have been making intentional time spent with the Lord. I want to try out some new things, like writing more often in my journal, reading my Bible or other devotionals, or other creative devotional habits. What do you all like to do for your devotional times?

Because I am starting a new job this month, it will be interesting to see how I can adapt healthy habits into my new work routine! I’m excited (maybe a little nervous) to see how it all goes!

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Reflecting on Flourishing Emotionally

In April, we talked about flourishing emotionally, where I mentioned I wanted to flourish emotionally through journaling (writing out my thoughts and feelings) and letting myself enjoy my senior year. I will say I did not do such a good job with journaling, but I did prioritize friendships and enjoying my senior year last month. It was emotional, but it means it was all good and such a wonderful college experience. I am so happy I was able to spend it with people I love!

The Kardia

What about you? How do you plan to flourish healthfully for June and beyond? What is on the top of your list for your monthly goals? And remember to join Brittany and I for the Flourish Linkup every first Friday of the month!