6 Best Restaurants & Tapas in Sevilla, Spain

You can’t go to Seville without experiencing the delectable cuisine of Southern Spain and the delicious Mediterranean dishes Seville have to offer. Seville is a great place to try traditional Spanish foods—tortilla española, gazpacho, jámon ibérico, salmorejo, and various other tapas (small plates served and shared usually for dinner).

Seville Travel Guide - Top Restaurants

While I lived in a homestay in Sevilla and did not dine out as frequently, I was able to try several restaurants and tapas bars around the city. My host family also cooked a range of traditional Spanish dishes, so I did get my fix of Spanish food! My favorite was sipping on fresh squeezed orange juice (orange trees are easy to spot in Sevilla) and I loved tortilla española (a Spanish omelet with potatoes and onions) as well as espinacas con garbanzos (a spinach and chick peas dish).

If you are looking for great places to experience the taste of Sevilla, don’t think twice about passing up these restaurants, cafés, and bars.

1. Al Aljibe

Al Aljibe is located in the hip district of the Alameda de Hercules, and with a gorgeous patio and rooftop terrace, this is the perfect spot for a pristine eating experience. Go out with friends or family and share a few of their dishes. As a “market kitchen,” they usually have fresh and seasonal dishes. I tried the arugula and provolone risotto, as well as a couple other tapas. With fresh sangria to start, this was a great evening as we  sampled some unique Spanish dishes.

2. Café Red House

This is not your typical café in Seville. With funky furniture, a showcase of art around the room and a unique creative atmosphere, Red House serves up the perfect place to get a bite to eat, grab a drink or meet fellow creative people. It doubles as a café, bar, art gallery and antique store. You can sample homemade food and pastries or have a beer or glass of wine. It’s such a quirky and fun gem located in the heart of the city.

Espinacas con Garbanzos

3. Café Levies

I went to Levies Café so many times while in Seville! They have a wide selection of tapas and typical dishes from Spain. I would normally go in the morning or in the afternoon/evening time for a quick bite to eat. They have a wonderful outdoor terrace space and many options for vegetarians as well. I would recommend the paella, tortilla española and espinacas con garbanzos. Overall, it is very affordable too!

Rayas Ice Cream Sevilla

4. Rayas — The Best Ice Cream in Seville!

While many people may have their own opinion, my friends and I can agree that Rayas is the best place to get ice cream in Seville. It is affordable and the gelato tastes like it does in Italy. I’ve sampled too many flavors to tell you all my favorites, but I arrived at my usual order the last weeks I was in Spain: a mix of coconut ice cream and dulce de leche. Go to the Rayas on Calle San Pablo, and take it to go, walking a couple blocks to sit by the river and enjoy a nice afternoon in sunny Sevilla!

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5. La Gorda Te Da de Comer

Also close to the Alameda de Hercules, La Gorda Te Da de Comer offers a great selection of traditional Spanish dishes with vegetarian options too. With a bright interior, this restaurant is good place with affordable options to try out a variety of Spanish plates. The staff is friendly, and although they may not be gourmet tapas, they are beyond tasty and give you a great local experience. As my first tapas bar, this is one of my first memories in Spain.

Phoenix Pub Sevilla Food

6. Phoenix Pub

This is a fun Irish Pub located in Triana, along the Guadalquivir River. With multiple TV screens and deemed a great sports bar, Phoenix has a great atmosphere. With great food and a variety of drinks, it’s a good place to go whether in the afternoon or evening, or out at night. Plus, it’s a great location!