The Most Beautiful Beaches in Portugal

As June arrives with sparkling sunshine and the beginning of summer heat, I daydream about faraway beaches, fruity drinks and crystal blue water. Some of my favorite places I’ve visited were the beaches in southern Portugal, last year when I was living in Spain.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Portugal
I took a three-day trip with an excursion company, We Love Spain, to three beaches in Portugal as well as a couple coastal cities, Albufeira and Lagos. These were some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve seen, even though it was a bit cloudy during our trip. It was the perfect paradise to enjoy the incredible views of nature and see the Atlantic Ocean from the other side of the pond. If you are in Portugal, or traveling around Spain, be sure to check out these destinations for a beach trip you will remember!

1. Praia Dos Alemães | Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira Beach Sunrise Portugal
This beach was a 5 minute walk from our hotel, and let me assure you that this was one of the most peaceful, beautiful places I’ve seen. We walked along a little dirt rocky path by the ocean, surrounded by lush greenery and bright pink flowers that created a perfect, colorful beach view. With the almost 70-degree weather that day, it was a great chance to absorb the sun’s rays on the first beach I visited in Portugal.

Albufeira Beach Portugal Pink Flowers
I also had the chance to wake up early one day and watch the sunrise from this beach. It was a beautiful start to the morning, since I had a chance to journal, sit on a rock and imagine I’m at the end of the world.

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2. Dona Ana Beach | Lagos, Portugal

Another great city to see is Lagos, in Algarve, Portugal, home to some of the best beaches in the country. I visited Dona Ana beach, located between two cliffs. Here there are beautiful overlooks and scenery with water that is crystal blue. We ate at a restaurant located right on the beach, taking in the incredible views before relaxing on the fine golden sand. Some of my friends even took a cave tour in small fishing boats while we were there. Some of the rock formations are just so stunning to view!

Lagos, Portugal

3. Dos Pecadores Beach | Albufeira, Portugal

Located in the old part of Albufeira, this beach had access to many restaurants, shops and water activities. We spent a good majority of our time resting on the beach and then enjoying piña coladas with our lunches in one of the restaurants along the beach. This is a more lively area with lots of places to explore along the streets. Doing sand volleyball, parasailing, jetski, and bananaboats were also great options too.

Albufeira Beach Sunset
Overall, enjoying the sunshine on the southern coast of Portugal was one of my favorite trips I made abroad. It really puts you back in tune with nature and opens you up to a wider world, just reflecting oceanside for a couple days.

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Where We Stayed: Hotel Aqua Maris Balaia in Albufeira, Portugal, a 3/4 star hotel with some rooms equipped with a mini kitchen, outdoor balcony, access to an indoor and outdoor pool and other amenities.

Are you making travel plans this summer? I hope to go to the beach sometime soon, but we shall see with upcoming summer plans! Be sure to let me know what your favorite beaches are!