Making Memories in May (Life Updates!)

It has been awhile since our last life chat, and I wanted to just fill you guys in on some of the adventures of being a almost college graduate (scary, I know! The big day is this Saturday!). I’ve been looking through some of the responses of my reader survey I did last week, and it seemed like you all wanted to see some more lifestyle posts. I’ve been really bad at keeping up with more personal posts on the blog, but I want that to change!

April and May can get pretty crazy with the end of the school year and the start of summer. It is a season of fresh starts, and I love the atmosphere. The past couple weeks have been full of projects, weekend trips, sorority events, great conversations, good reads and more. Here’s a little bit to what I’ve been up to:

Gina Alyse Life Updates

1. Making BBQ Websites

One of the big projects these past several weeks has been redesigning a local BBQ restaurant’s website. It was complete with a food photography project–photographing their entrees and sandwiches with some Southern flair. Cue the daisies and sweet tea!

2. Reading Love, Skip, Jump by Shelene Bryan

I started reading Love, Skip, Jump back in February I believe, but I have just recently been dedicating more time to reading in my schedule. My favorite thing is to sit on the grass by my favorite spot on campus and just soak in the sun and read. This book has been such an eye-opener. I wanted to read it ever since seeing it go around the blogosphere and Instagram. I also watched Shelene’s TED talk, which I posted about back in the summer on transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle.  I have enjoyed her book so far and I can’t wait to finish it soon! Have you all read Love, Skip, Jump?

3. Enjoying My Last Week on Campus + Post-Grad Plans

I just love being around my school. It is such an amazing place that inspires me and brightens my day. Even though there are so many struggles and hard work as a student (even a part-time student haha), I am so grateful for all the experiences and lessons I have learned at my university.

A lot of you have been asking about post-grad plans. And to be honest, it had been a struggle for most of this year. I’m not exactly sure what field I want to enter, what kind of place I want to work for, where I want to be, etc. This semester, I did not have time to research jobs, write applications, update my online portfolio to the way I hoped it to be, or have informational interviews. I was self-conscious about waiting to look for jobs until after graduation, since it feels like a horrible thing to not have any direction for post-grad plans.

I was thankfully relieved of these feelings after talking to a couple of my friends about it. They decided they didn’t want to stress their senior year of college either. And that it’s okay to go back home for the summer and figure everything out. I was glad to be on the same page and mindset with some other people.

But while I didn’t have post-grad plans for awhile, I now semi have a plan. I will be going home, and most likely be working for a local nonprofit! There are still more details to come as we get it all figured out, but there is some kind of a plan and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

4. Enjoying Summer Fruits & Veggies

I have been enjoying all the fresh fruits and veggies coming back into season! My favorites have been bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries, and other types of berries. I have been experimenting with different recipes a bit, mixing in different produce for stir-fry and pasta dishes. It has simply been delectable!

5. Yearbook Magazines

This past week as also been full of work for yearbook, as we make the first interactive tablet magazine for the yearbook. I have been spending so many hours finishing it up, but I’m excited to have a cool project to share with my university and on my portfolio!

Overall, these last couple days on campus will be crazy, emotional, and fun. I’m looking forward to my family coming for graduation and celebrating with my friends who are also coming back into town! It’s so weird thinking about graduation–but I’m trying to take everything slowly and really enjoy the time I have left as a college student!

What is going on in your lives? Are you getting ready for summer?