28 Life Lessons Every College Student Needs to Hear

Have you heard of the 70/30 rule? In college, I’ve heard that 70% of what you learn includes life skills and experience, such as learning to work with people, discovering what you love to do, or how to manage your time effectively. The other 30% is actual academic work. Some people have narrowed it down to an 80/20 ratio, buy I overall agree that we don’t realize everything we learn in these four short years.

College Life Lessons All Students Need to Hear

Over my four years in college, I can’t quite explain or even comprehend the amount of learning, wisdom, experience and knowledge I gained simply from trying new things, taking interesting classes and surrounding myself with knowledgable, powerful people. The community my school has given me has been incredible in my personal, cultural and academic growth. All of my friends and I have done something in college we have never done before. We have all gone outside our comfort zone. We have all done something that scares us like crazy. We have all done something we never thought we would do before. By doing these things, we gain so much–and in the end, I have reached the end of four years and I can say with all my heart that I have found a home. This college community has become a springboard into the next years of my life, and I cannot be more grateful.

College Community Life Lessons
So, it may be easy to see what I have gained from college in an academic sense, but sometimes we need to reflect on the other lessons that guide us as students and human beings. Here are some words of wisdom that every college student should hear. In some way, I am still relearning all of these everyday, but in others, these lessons have shaped the way I view the world and want to make an impact on it. I hope they encourage you in all the ways they have for me.

28 Lessons I Learned after 4 Years in College

1. Take risks. You can never see yourself improve or miracles move unless you go outside your comfort zone.

2. Our plans are established. We have a calling to be right here. To be present in this moment. It is how it is designed.

3. We are meant to experience full joy, not full schedules. Take time for people, for passions you love. Experience life in its fullness.

4. It’s okay to say “no” to something.  (Probably more than one thing.) Don’t spread yourself too thin–take time to really invest in a couple activities to really make a difference.

5. Nothing is worth your time more than investing in community and the people around you.

6. Follow what you truly love to do. Do what brings you and others happiness.

7. It’s okay to not feel all put together. It’s okay to make mistakes and not be okay.

8. Find your center and always fuel it.

9. Do not prioritize wealth over your health.

10. There is so much more to life than stuff. Don’t get weighed down by the materials around you. Always pack light.

11. There is literally NOTHING to fear. Everyone has been in the same situation as you once or twice before. You can always find someone with a similar story. And know that you can conquer anything.

12. Never stop moving toward your dreams. Take small steps everyday. You’ll make it there.

13. Take time for reflection. Take time for yourself. You are worthy, beautiful, gifted, cherished and wonderful. Take time to love yourself.

14. Never pass up a late-night walk or drive around campus with people you love or have never met before.
15. Take care of your surroundings. The earth is a gift to be cherished. Whether that means recycling or simply cleaning up your room, take note the impact your surroundings have on your life.

16. Let yourself be challenged. Fuel your mind with information, new knowledge and inspiring ideas. Read books. Listen to Ted talks. Go to presentations and events on campus to challenge yourself in what you know and what you believe. Challenge yourself, because this world was not made for our comfort.

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17. Never lose sight of kindness. It’s the simple acts of kindness that never leave us. It’s what we remember most.

18. Enjoy nature. Find excuses to enjoy being outside as much as possible.

19. Always, always ask questions.

20. Learn, learn, learn. Learn about the universe and how crazy it is. Realize how we are so small compared to so many other things out there. Change your perspective about impact. Know that we are part of something greater, and we are truly making a difference in the universe.

21. Being happy is being productive.

22. There are no neutral thoughts. Be mindful of your thoughts and guard them, for they fuel our actions and wellbeing.

23. Words are more powerful than you think. Be intentional with how you use them.

24. Always turn to generosity. Think about how you can love and give to other people.

25. Do more, with less.

26. Be an active and attentive listener. Pay attention to the small details in conversations and use them to love greater.

27. Stay strong and committed to what you believe in.

28. Always love faithfully and unconditionally.

With these words of wisdom, I hope to encourage you to be fully alive in college. Go all out and try something you’ve always wanted to do. Fight against barriers. Love even in the dark moments. Tell people how much they mean to you.

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What I Learned in College
I challenge you to take a difficult class, spend at least a semester in a foreign country, befriend people who are different than you, live in another city, stick to the values and actions you believe are right, don’t be afraid to get a little less sleep, and strive for a life full of light and love.

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