My Favorite Creative Outlets

I love how as bloggers we can express ourselves creatively in so many ways. Today I wanted to share my favorite creative outlets with you all. I believe everyone is an artist–even if you don’t pick up a paintbrush or a microphone–and there are so many ways we can make art in this world. Here are some of the ways I try to make my creativity come alive.

My Favorite Creative Outlets - Gina Alyse

1. Blogging

This is self-explanatory but I love how blogging is a community where we can all share ideas and shape thought. I feel like blogs make the world a better place and having a blog keeps me grounded in so many ways.

2. Writing

Whether its journaling, writing letters, or perhaps writing poetry, writing as a whole has always inspired me. It helps me think clearly and explore my imagination. While blogging involves writing, there are so many other ways I try to include creative writing into my life.

3. Graphic Design

I love some good graphic design time. Fonts, Pantone colors, layouts, patterns–it all speaks to me! I have loved designing for this blog, for my class projects and for clients through the student-run agency at my school. If I had more chances, I would definitely experiment more with Illustrator and Photoshop. It fuels the design nerd in me.

4. Web Design

Semi-related is web design. HTML & CSS have become languages I love. I love how coding is kind of like grammar and design all mashed up together to create user experiences today online. Building a website and taking into account content strategy, SEO, visuals, and mobile design fascinates me and I love how it reaches my creative side!

5. Painting & Watercolor

I’ve tried watercolor and painting this semester as ways to relax and get away from technology. This is one of my favorite watercolor tutorials. I loved implemented watercolor in my blog branding, that I wanted to try it out in real life. I overall love the way it looks! Check out one of my favorite watercolor tutorials here!

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6. Drawing

While I am not an expert or good at drawing at all, I love doodling in notebooks and sketchbooks as part of a design process or for fun. It’s good to draw to look at objects and shapes in different ways.

Creative DIY Projects

7. Crafting & DIY-ing

At the beginning of college, I was not too much interested in crafting. Now I have three drawers of craft supplies in my apartment.

8. Scrapbooking

Along with my love for crafting, I also love making scrapbooks like travel journals as well as other collages. This is something I’ve loved since middle school, so it’s one of my favorite ways to get my creativity going on a relaxing weekend.

9. Photography

While I haven’t had formal training in photography (besides my basic digital media class freshman year), I still love experimenting with taking interesting photos. I especially love to take photos of nature, fun places, people, and creative projects. I think as a blogger, photography is really important, but you don’t have to be a professional to learn to take amazing photos.

Creative Tools

10. Planning & Organizing

This may sound strange as a creative outlet, but I believe that creativity comes in many forms. I love to plan and organize my days, my apartment and my work process. Organizing my room and finding the best places to put things or hanging things up on my walls is a relaxing routine and I think inspires creativity in my day. Other things like decorating my planner or coming up with Google Doc systems I think count as creativity too.

11. Video Production

In addition to photography, I also love capturing video. I think putting together a video for a friend, company or your blog readers is such a fun process. Video these days is HUGE for telling stories, content marketing and getting your message out there. Whether it’s a highlight video of an event like a wedding or a vlog, I think video editing and production can be very rewarding. My brother creates videos for weddings, and it’s really cool to see his process behind it, as well.

So, as you can see, my creative interests are all over the place! I think it’s so good to experiment with creative projects. Maybe you will find a new hobby you love!

Now, you tell me–what are your favorite creative outlets?