Island Vibes: Hilton Head, SC

Last week, I had the incredible chance to visit Hilton Head Island with my best friends for spring break. Even though the weather wasn’t sunny and 70 degrees all the time, it was a refreshing couple of days to spend in nature and with amazing company.
Hilton Head Beach Moodboard
While we were there, we stayed in a condo a short 10-minute walk away from the beach. The first day we arrived, we went exploring on the bike trails and walking paths to try to find the ocean. We were successful! The weather was just right–the water wasn’t too too cold, but we still opted in for walks along the beach, looking at sand dollars and randomly singing songs.

After all the walking, we got back, ready to eat some delicious seafood. We headed to The Sea Shack, a little hidden place to get some good seafood. We all got crab cakes, with various things on the side. It was just the thing to hit the spot.

The Sea Shack Hilton Head South Carolina
It was rainy for many of the days we were there, but we still were able to take advantage of bike rides, runs and walks around the neighborhood. We did some exploring to Old Town Bluffton, an older historic district about 20 minutes outside Hilton Head. My friends also had a roommate who was staying in Hilton Head for the week, so we were able to visit her and sip on delicious warm drink in Starbucks.

We also had lots of downtown in the middle of our stay–which included making delicious meals at home, watching movies, chatting about life, baking cookies and reading.

On our last full day in Hilton Head, we started off the morning with workouts. I went on a bike ride, run and walk–my very first run on the beach!

Beach Sign Hilton Head South Carolina
Beach Hilton Head South Carolina
Later that day, we continued our exploring by visiting Sea Pines Nature Reserve, one of the top attractions in Hilton Head. We spent more than 2.5 hours walking around the huge reserve. We saw alligators, different species of birds, turtles and beautiful flowers and plant life. We wandered around lakes, talked to some people on the trails and got in a good workout. Although there were some sprinkles of rain here and there, it was perfect weather to explore the peaceful reserve.

As we walked, we noted that it felt really swamp-like at some points. And how it also reminded us of fairytales and fantasy books. It kind of reminded me of the Fire Swamp in the movie, The Princess Bride. But maybe it was only me?

Sea Pines Hike in Hilton Head Island
At the end of the day, we treated ourselves to a nice, big dinner of fish tacos and spent the rest of the night laughing, making jokes and packing.

Friends in Hilton Head, South Carolina
Overall, it was a great five days in South Carolina–it was the perfect refresher as we get into the rough months of the semester. It was also great to spend quality time with a road trip with some incredible people I have met at college. It was a memorable senior year spring break–with lots precious moments and jokes to laugh about later on!

Have you ever been to Hilton Head? What did you think of it?

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