Flourishing Emotionally

Hi everyone! Today I’m linking up for the third installment of Flourish, hosted by Brittany at The Kardia. I always look forward to writing these posts and looking back on my life and to the future with intention and purpose. I hope you join us in flourishing in different ways–Learn about how we strive to flourish creatively and flourish in our relationships with others.

Tulips in Istanbul

Today’s topic is flourishing emotionally. As we get ready for springtime, I think there is a lot of excitement in the air and we have a brighter outlook on our surroundings in life. It’s the perfect to take a look at how we are doing as people, not only physically and spiritually, but emotionally as well. How are we feeling? How do we want to grow? Are we making sure to do things we absolutely love with people we love?

(I think back to last April when I was traveling in Europe–and these tulips we found in Istanbul just epitomize spring and flourishing to me.)

To start the linkup off with intention, we share 10 things we are grateful for every month. Here are mine right now!

1. Spring weather and sunshine
2. Seeing my parents for a weekend at home
3. Peace
4. The girls in my sorority and fun traditions
5. Powerful music and lyrics
6. Chances to explore new places
7. Bananas, apples, and kiwis–all the delicious fruit (plus awesome feedback and conversations from my post on my food philosophy!)
8. Spring break in South Carolina
9. Sleep and rest
10. Letters from dear blog friends like Brittany!

How will we flourish emotionally?

I’m so excited for this topic since I feel like I don’t intentionally think about my emotions or the emotional side of things sometimes. I can be more of a logical or practical person at times, but in high school and college, I realized that I am a much more emotional person than I thought. I wouldn’t really cry during movies or books, or things like that, growing up. But I think the emotional side of things is such huge part of who we are and plays a role in the choices and decisions we make everyday. So in order to focus more on my emotions this month, I want to spend more time reflecting on my days through journaling or blogging about life updates. I used to be good at writing down my thoughts and feelings everyday, but life often gets in the way and lately, I’ve pushed journaling aside. So I hope to make journaling a priority, as I get ready to go into the last weeks at my college.

Tulips in Istanbul
Secondly, I would like to flourish emotionally by letting myself enjoy the end of my senior year, spending time with friends and making the most of my school’s traditions. I think it’s so easy as a senior when we are so close to leaving to start to disconnect and disengage from the campus community. I’ve found myself doing that already, but it’s natural in a sense. Instead of focusing on busyness and school work 24/7, I hope to organize my schedule to take advantage of everything going on around campus, as well as make some time to do the things I love–taking Zumba classes, going for walks or runs around campus, visiting my favorite restaurants. And also finishing up my senior year bucket list. While it will be sad when graduation nears, I want to celebrate and end on a wonderful note!

Reflecting on Last Month

Last month, we talked about flourishing in our relationships with others. I mentioned I wanted to do so by 1) Listening to friends without phone distractions, 2) Sending notes of encouragement, and 3) spreading joy, not negativity. I think flourishing in relationships with others, is of course an ongoing process. I think I did a good job last month with sending out some letters and notes of encouragement and appreciation. I think I still want to work on spreading joy and making time for deeper, more meaningful conversations with friends!

What about you? How do you want to flourish this month? Make sure to head over to Brittany’s blog to check out this wonderful linkup!