Adventures in April (Life Updates!)

Hi friends! How are each one of you doing? It feel like it’s been a very long time since I’ve written a post without a plan, just to simply chat about life together. This is one of my favorite parts about blogging–and I think many of you agree. We get to share life together is such a cool, unique way. Sometimes I can get caught up in posts that are more planned out, have more direction, are supposed to be more “shareable.” Today, it’s simply going to be me here, writing to you. I love that.

I’m going to be sharing some snippets of adventures from April and currently where my life is at right now with my senior year of college. So, I hope you find something delicious to sip on, like a smoothie or a cup of tea and join me!
April Adventures Gina Alyse

Mat Kearney Concert | I went to a Mat Kearney concert at the end of March with a couple friends and it was so awesome. I discovered his music at the beginning of college, and it has been a goal of mine to see him perform live for years. I am loving his new album, Just Kids, and all the stories and messages of his songs. He toured with Parachute and Judah & the Lion, which were also great to hear.

A 24-hour Dance Marathon | Last weekend, my sorority sisters and I participated in my school’s 24-hour dance marathon to raise money for Duke Children’s Hospital. This was my second time dancing, and it was another incredible experience. There were 6-hour, 12-hour and 24-hour shifts for dancers, and my group did 6 hours. My favorite part was doing Zumba with everyone and listening to the stories of the families and kids from Duke Children’s Hospital and everything they have gone through.
Elonthon Gina Alyse
Going Vegan | After writing my food philosophy post a couple weeks ago, I’ve had so many thoughts, conversations and time to research and look into veganism, different “diets” and lifestyles. I have semi-consciously been eating vegan for the past several days. In fact, I’ve kind of lost track of how long it’s been since I’ve had dairy. It’s been a good and easy change, something I think can be sustainable and last long-term. That being said, I still let myself cheat sometimes, but I don’t see it as “letting myself” – on the weekends, or going out with friends to restaurants, I may eat more vegetarian. But we will see how it goes!

Paddleboard Yoga | Last weekend, I also tried paddleboarding! And then I tried doing yoga on a paddleboard. Let’s just say, I’ll leave it to the experts, but I had a wonderful day, floating out on the lake.

Guest Blogging | I have started to guest blog for ProSky! You may remember this company from this post about the next steps for your creative career. If you are looking for some tips for internships, career success, or learning more about digital marketing, SEO or social media, you should check them out!

Launching my first WordPress site | These past couple weeks, I have been immersing myself in WordPress and launching a new site and blog for the communications agency I work for on campus. There are still some updates to be made, but I’m so excited to launch my first WordPress site! Check it out here! 

Post-Grad Plans? | It’s that time of the year where every senior is dreading that one question. What are you doing after graduation?  For me, the answer is still in the works. I probably should be putting more effort into my post-grad plans, but for now I have been focusing on getting my work done for school, my extra-curricular activities, work for organizations on campus and building my portfolio. It’s a stressful time in regards to finding a job and figuring out the next steps. But I am also 100% okay with taking some time to figure things out. It’s okay if I don’t have a job right after school. It’s okay if I’m not 100% sure what my direction is. And I’m okay with that for right now, in this busy time of the year.

Exciting things for the blog! | I have so many ideas for this blog, guys. Lots of posts in the works, lots of ideas! (I may even have a special surprise coming up!) I am still loving the vision and direction this blog has taken, and I am really looking forward to continually inspiring our creative callings and sharing resources to do so. I can’t wait to have lots more conversations with you all about blogging, travel, design, creativity, life and everything in between.

Now it’s your turn–what has been going on in your lives? Let’s have a quick catch up!