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I wanted to share one of my latest vision boards about one the quote: “All good things are wild & free.” I have been keeping a Pinterest board lately called Wild & Free, and it has become one of my favorite places on the Internet. I love how Pinterest helps us create a personal style and helps inspire our day-to-day lives. It has made me realize that I love the bohemian, adventurous and spirited style, which gets me so excited for springtime and explorations. The wild and free aesthetic is something I hope to cultivate more and more into my blog posts, as we seek to develop and follow our creative callings–wherever they may lead us.

Wild & Free Moodboard Inspiration

You may not know it, but we are wild and we are free. 

We follow the hobbies, passions, communities and spirit that are true to us. We live each day by creative, strategic, and loving insight. We cling on to hope and find joy in weakness. We laugh, we cry, we dream, we explore. We continue to grow in our natural habitats, or just like wildflowers, in the random places life seems to take us. We each have this wild energy that keeps us moving forward.

In this advancing world, we also have mountains of freedom. We are free creatures, able to make our own choices and travel to places near and far. We can put our arms up, knowing that we are loved and cared for, that we are individuals that matter and can enact change in this world. Even though we live in a crazy world that seems out of control sometimes, it is awesome knowing we can rest in peace, that we don’t have to control everything around us. Just like ocean waves, we let life flow.

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Are you up for this wild and free life? Here are some things that I feel cultivate the wild and free in all of us.

Ways to Live Wild & Free

  • Actively pursuing what we love
  • Escaping technology–putting our phones away and taking a phone fast
  • Reading books outside
  • Trying out new ways to be creative 
  • Resting in a hammock
  • Doing cartwheels in the living room
  • Taking some time to add some adventure to our days
  • Getting earthy by going hiking or walking
  • Going to a new place you’ve never been before
  • Seeking truth in everyday situations
  • Being vulnerable in our relationships
  • Embracing all that’s new, freeing, breathtaking and beautiful
  • Being open to whatever falls our way
  • Having the faith in ourselves and our surroundings

If you are interested in more wild and free inspiration, check out my Wild & Free board on Pinterest!

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I hope you all embrace your wild and free natures this week and look for opportunities to let your adventurous and creative self shine in all your glory. Living a life centered on our natural, true selves and embracing new adventures is such an important aspect of finding and developing our creative calling in life, and going deeper with it! I’ve found that just by having this mindset focused on freedom gives me motivation for pursuing my passions. I hope you all find this inspiration too!

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