Food Truck Rodeo in Durham

This weekend was a perfect combination of fun, work, relaxation, sunny weather, road trips and great food. I think this has been one of my favorite weekends of my college experience, as I took it slow and marveled in the simple things. I had a chance to practice some watercolor for a project I’m working on, which was a huge creative release. There was that Friday night where my friends and I met Landon Austin, and afterwards we chatted in coffee shops till midnight.  We had fun dinners and listened to live music, and yesterday, we went to a fun festival in Durham, NC. Durham Food Truck Rodeo
As spring is finally reaching North Carolina, it was the perfect day for a mini road trip with my best friends. We went to a Food Truck Rodeo in Durham Central Park, where more than 50 food trucks were serving amazing meals, drinks, street food and dessert. Thousands of people were there, so it was pretty crowded when we arrived, so we were a little overwhelmed by the crowds and because there were so many good food choices to make.

Durham Food Truck Rodeo Kocina Food Truck
I was so excited to see food trucks selling Greek food, Spanish tapas, tacos, mac & cheese, pita pockets, popsicles, ice cream and more. There was a huge variety, and something for everyone there!

My two friends and I decided to get something for lunch, and then decide on a dessert. I chose a pita pocket with grilled cauliflower, potatoes, and veggies inside. My friend, Meg, went with some crepes, while my friend Amanda settled on some mac and cheese, with sun-dried tomatoes. It all was delicious!

Pita Pocket
We then had our eyes on the dessert trucks, especially the cupcake ones and the popsicle ones. I loved all the setups of the food trucks and how each had their own personalities, especially the Sweet Traditions cupcake one, which sold so many interesting cupcake flavors (like Banana Pudding & Chocolate Cookie Dough) and had these fun chairs out front!

Sweet Traditions Food Truck
Our last stop was to get some popsicles, which was my favorite part of the day. I decided on a strawberry cream one, and Amanda had a pineapple orange blossom flavor. After a warm day with the sun shining bright, it was a perfect way to unwind and refresh from the day out exploring Durham.

Food Truck Popsicles Durham, North Carolina Food Truck Popsicles Food Truck Popsicles
After a little while, we then walked around some more in Durham’s Central Park, and made our way back to the car. We then decided to go to browse a mall in Durham to spend the rest of the afternoon, before driving back to school.

Durham Direction Signs
For my first Food Truck Rodeo, all was superb! I loved checking out the local food and supporting businesses in the North Carolina area. I can’t wait to visit some of them again!

Do you have any favorite food trucks in your area?

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