8 Road Trips You Should Take in College

After my road trip to South Carolina for spring break, I have been thinking about the road trips I’ve taken in college and how different they’ve all been. Road trips and travel have easily been some of my most treasured memories in college, and also times where I have learned so much about myself and the world around me. (To read more about the top 28+ lessons I’ve learned in college, hop on over to this post!)

Road Trips Everyone Should Take in College

If you’re in college, and you’re ready for a road trip, I suggest taking these eight  different types of road trips when you have the chance!

1. A road trip with your best friends

Nothing in life can be better than a drive to the beach or to a new city with your best friends by your side. There’s so much freedom to laugh, be yourself, relax and chill with your friends, as you explore new places and grow closer as friends.

2. A road trip with someone a couple years older than you or a mentor

I’ve taken a couple road trips with some girls a little bit older than me, who have told me about their college experiences and given me advice as I chose a major and navigated the new social world of college. I can remember so many meaningful conversations and learned so much from these people, who challenged me, opened me up to new things and shared their wisdom with me. It was also good to get to know them better, as they would graduate before me and we didn’t have a lot of time to get to know each other.

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3. A trip with someone you’d like to get to know better

Just like before, it’s so important to share stories with people you don’t know as well on road trips. I remember a three-hour car ride with a girl who I met before, but didn’t really know too well. She had incredible stories to share–simply amazing stories that I wouldn’t have known otherwise unless we shared a car for a couple hours!

Wild West Road | College Road Trip

4. A service trip

I wish I had dedicated more time to service and community work during my time in college, but I did have the chance to go on a service trip. I think a service trip is such an excellent way to get to know different people and communities, and it sets the tone for the road trip ahead of you. It is awesome knowing that you are surrounded by a group of people committed to doing good in the world. It overall can be a really humbling experience.

5. A road trip where you don’t know anyone in the car

I’m not saying jump into a car with a bunch of strangers–but I have taken quite a few road trips where I didn’t really know the people in the car. What comes to mind are Intervarsity beach retreats, where 12 teams of 200+ people were created and a lot of times, you don’t know most of the people in your group. Especially my freshman year of college, it was great to go on a road trip where I was able to meet knew people and learn more about what they are studying and involved with at my school.

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6. A road trip around your state or region

Because I moved out of state, one thing I truly cherish about my college experience is getting to know North Carolina better. I had a chance to take a travel writing class, which gave me the opportunity to take road trips around the state and learn about the local culture. We can feel so trapped in our college bubble sometimes that getting to know the area around you is so refreshing.

Sunset on the Highway | College Road Trip

7. A road trip in another country

This is for all you study abroad adventurers! Why not take a road trip in another country while traveling abroad with your college friends (or friends you meet in your host country)! While I didn’t specifically take a long road trip abroad, my friends and I did rent a car in Greece to explore!

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8. A spur-of-the-moment road trip

Sometimes we just have the feeling to drive. Get in the car, and get out of town. Whether it’s for a random weekend trip or deciding to drive to the state line–these spur-of-the-moment road trips define adventure. No matter if we’re feeling the stress of school or life, it may just help to travel for awhile.

What kinds of road trips have you been on? Are you getting ready to travel soon?

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