A Blossoming Bridge in Lake Lure

Last October, I had the pleasure of visiting Lake Lure, North Carolina–where movies like Dirty Dancing were filmed. This was my second time at the beautiful man-made lake in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but my first time truly experiencing the local culture.

Butterfly Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

The natural beauty of Lake Lure–and Western North Carolina in general–is breathtaking. One place in particular boasted an impeccable beauty: the Lake Lure Flowering Bridge. Created by the Lake Lure community in 2013, the Flowering Bridge crosses the Broad River, right in between Chimney Rock State Park and the Town of Lake Lure. With its creative gardens and picturesque flowers, the Flowering Bridge has transformed the old 1925 bridge into a destination for residents and travelers alike.

Broad River Lake Lure Flowering Bridge
It has such a peaceful environment, and it was so much fun to get lost exploring the different flowers and plants there. Guests were invited to come and sit for awhile in the gardens, walk along the bridge and recognize all that nature has to offer along the lake side.

Gina Alyse Lake Lure Flowering Bridge
While we were there, we learned about native plants of the region, old Native American legends and the history of the lake. It was so much fun to take some photos of the flowers and garden decor, as well. It definitely inspired me to think about starting my own garden in the future–I would love to cultivate a natural tapestry of greens and florals, creating an oasis for others to enjoy.

Flower Power RockPink Flower Flowering Bridge, Lake LureFlower Lake Lure Flowering Bridge
The Flowering Bridge of Lake Lure was the first of its kind I visited, and I would love to go back during different seasons to see how the flowers and plants change.

Have you ever been to Lake Lure, NC or other places in the Carolinas? Are you getting your spring garden ready? 

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