11 Things to Include in Your Travel Journal

As we take adventures and see new places, it is always fun to document our journeys. One of my favorite ways to document travel is through travel journals. I love collecting different items to put together a diary of my experiences. There are a variety of things you can include in travel journals–from photos to maps to various craft supplies. With all of these memories and items collected, let’s make beautiful travel diaries together.

Travel Journal Supplies

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You may want to start off by choosing your perfect notebook or journal. I used a blank sketchbook found at Michael’s, but you can also use journals such as Moleskines, which are another favorite of mine! For other supplies, you can include:

1. Postcards

Try to collect interesting postcards from the places you visit. Perhaps they are old postcards or postcards of your favorite hideaways from your trip. Or you can include postcards friends or family have sent you.

2. Tickets

Gather ticket stubs from museums, concerts, attractions, airlines or trains. These are awesome ways to document when and where you traveled, giving specific dates and times.

3. Business Cards

I love finding business cards from cute boutiques or cafes when I travel. Business cards are the perfect (and free) souvenir from different locations. I collected business cards from Istanbul, Greece, Italy and Spain when I studied abroad (and included them in my Europe Travel Diary).

Travel Diary Supplies: Postcards, Tickets, Photos

4. Journal Entries

Save some room in your travel journal for your thoughts and diary reflections as you travel.

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5. Photos from your trip.

Whether they are from a Polaroid camera or photos you print out at home, it is always good to have images from your own point of view.

6. Maps

These make great backgrounds for your travel notebooks and they just visually portray travel and adventure so well.

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7. Notes from friends

Whether they are written on a post-it note or a handmade card, it’s always good to look back on memories you and your friends share.

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8. Labels or packaging from different foods

Make sure to wash or clean things like candy wrappers or food labels and savor the memories from different food experiences from across the globe.

9. Scrapbook paper

I always love decorating my travel journals with different colors of paper to make sure I create a certain feeling of a place I visited.

How to Make a Travel Journal

10. Magazine cut-outs or brochures

Use images from magazines or travel guides you find on the road. I always love browsing through travel magazine to stay inspired on my journeys. Plus, no one says that you have to use your own images in your notebooks!

11. Stickers or fun Washi tape

Add some extra accents like stickers you find while traveling or that you purchase at a craft store. Or mix it up with brightly-colored washi tape to secure your photos. Try to look for other craft supplies that could give cool 3D effects, too!

Have you ever made a travel journal? What are some materials you use to make it?