Jongo Java Coffee in Hendersonville, NC

As part of my travel writing class this semester, I visited Hendersonville, NC to explore the small town, see its beautiful mountains and meet its people. What I found is that there was a plethora of fun small businesses downtown.
Hendersonville, North Carolina Main Street

My travel group and I stopped in Jongo Java, a coffee shop, first thing in the morning. I was particularly excited since I treat myself to coffee when I have a big day of travel ahead of me. Jongo Java was a hub of coffee and art, and an amazing experience of seeing all parts of the community together.

Jongo Java is Hendersonville’s first environmentally responsible coffee house and I loved knowing that many of their products were local and supported the communities around Hendersonville, located just along the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina.
Jongo Java Coffee Shop
The coffee shop was semi busy for an early morning Saturday, but there were a variety of couples, families and individuals there. You can tell it’s where the locals go. Its character was truly unique, with its bright green, blue and purple walls and many pieces artwork dotting the walls. In one corner was a hair salon chair, complete with an attached hair dryer and along the back wall hung a large sculpture of a swordfish. Although a bit random, everything truly fit together.
Jongo Java Coffee Shop
I ordered a Tarzan latte from the menu, which was a coconut and chocolate latte. I ordered it with almond milk and the staff even put some shredded coconut on top of the whipped cream. It was truly one of my favorite lattes I’ve had.
Jongo Java Coffee ShopCoffee Mugs Jongo JavaDowntown Hendersonville
It was the perfect fuel to walk around downtown Hendersonville, seeing some of the artwork at the street festival, and pop into some shops.
Mountains Jump Off Rock
Hendersonville was the perfect escape to the mountains. It felt fresh and authentic, and I would love to go back to visit one day. If you are passing through Hendersonville, I recommend checking out the Cedarwood Inn, which was an excellent and cozy stay in the western Carolina mountains.