12 Ways to Add Adventure to Your Day

Sometimes we can feel lost in routine. Sometimes it feels better to be lost in nature. Or lost in your dreams. We all crave adventure every now and again. And instead of wiping out the credit card to spend thousands on a trip around the world, we can find adventure in our own backyards. Remember that life doesn’t start when you travel. Life doesn’t start when you find the love of your life or finally start a business you’ve been thinking about. Life is here and now and adventure can be found around every corner.

How to Add Adventure to Your Day

12 Ways to Add Adventure to Your Life

1. Go for a run or workout outside.

2. Text or call an old friend.

3. Find a hiking trail by your house and explore nature.

4. Go strawberry or fruit picking. There’s nothing like surrounding yourself in nature and eating some yummy and healthy fruits.

5. Turn off all electronics and take a technology fast.

6. Read an adventurous book about changing the world.

7. Do a cartwheel in the middle of a field.

8. Book a trip somewhere. It could be one you’re planning right now and you need to book tickets or plan a trip to somewhere close that you’ve always wanted to visit.

9. Find a pool, ocean, lake, reservoir, or river and go swimming in all your clothes.

10. Make a playlist that inspires you to travel the world. Find some artists you’ve never heard before.

11. Make a bucket list for the season in life where you are now.

12. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Take one step toward your dreams.

What do you do to add adventure to your day? How do you break out of routines or make them more exciting?