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  • Take me back to the city. Feeling an urge to travel today! I loved hearing about my friend's new job in NYC and having great conversations catching up with friends. How is your weekend?
  • ✨ Big announcement! ✨ In case you missed it – I launched an email list this week!! It's called the Creative Oasis - and I am so. excited. for what's coming up in this season! Make sure to sign up if you don't want to miss anything! Link in profile! >> @gina_alyse ⠀
I'm working on some semi-secret projects (meaning my mom and my best friends know about them lol). And I have loads of freebies coming for subscribers. The Creative Oasis is all about finding our freedom and finding our art. Being part of the community, we are going to talk about:⠀
1. Reflective stories for the creative at heart – we're all about being real in this space!⠀
2. Ways to focus your energy in your everyday work — we want to encourage you to stay focused on your callings.⠀
3. Tools and freebies to bring your brand (and you!) to new places — because we all need a taste of adventure to be successful.⠀
Get your spot on the list, and I can wait to share everything that is coming up!
  • Let’s not worry about the small things, or even the big things. God’s got it. He will surprise you with flowers. 🌸
  • Designers and bloggers! There are a lot of #InDesign freebies up on the blog today! For bloggers who want to make their creative process easier, these are for you. A lot of times we overlook InDesign as a tool for blogging specifically, but it is my go-to tool for everything blogging. While I edit photos in Lightroom, InDesign does everything else for me – blog images, workbooks, freebies, templates and more. If you want to get more out of InDesign, visit my blog (link in profile @gina_alyse)!
  • I recently started working on a passion project that I'm super excited for! ✨ It’s one of those things that just came to me and I am LOVING 💕 working on it. I haven't felt really inspired in awhile to work on things that actually bring me joy. Let's focus on those things in life. The things that truly make us joyful and grateful. There's never too much joy or too much goodness in the world. 😊 What are you doing today that brings you joy?
  • Hello there! Let's jump on board with #fridayintroductions :) We have some more people following along, so I'd love to connect with you all! I'll go first — I'm Gina, a blogger and graphic designer, who runs a nonprofit full time. I always take photos of ducks, and I wish I could own one some day! My perfect temperature is 85 degrees, and I'm loving that it's still warm in October here in Virginia. I love talking about creativity, healthy living and faith and I that's what I blog about! I also just launched my email list this week - so pumped! What's your biggest win of the week? Comment below!